2340738 - The Value for Full Time Equivalent FTE is Incorrect

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2340738 - The Value for Full Time Equivalent FTE is Incorrect


Only when the Agreed Working Hours are given in weeks, a proper Full Time Equivalent  (FTE) is calculated. Otherwise, when they are not given in weeks, the value is set to 1. You consider this as incorrect since for the Full Time Equivalent the full month instead of the week should be relevant. 

Reproducing the Issue

1. Go to the Personnel Administration work center.
2. Select the Employees view.
3. Find and select the Employee.
4. Choose Edit.
5. Select tab Employment.
6. Select the subtab Work Agreement.
7. Select the line with Agreed Working Hours.
8. The value for FTE is 1 but you expects something different.


The Full Time Equivalent can only be calculated for weeks. The system cannot calculate the Full Time Equivalent for months because there are different working days in each month. To work correctly with months, the Full Time Equivalent would have to be recalculated each month.


Maintain Agreed Working Hours in weeks to enable a correct FTE calculation. Otherwise the value will be set to 1 automatically.
A change of this system behaviour would be considered as a new requirement which may be available in future releases, but a warning message appears when there is mismatch in the Units entered for Agreed Working Hours and Standard Working Hours.

See also Case Document   2164684 - Full Time Equivalent Value for Employee Shows Wrong Value


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