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2335349 - How to transfer Detailed Reporting / Advanced Reporting queries from one instance to another?


This article explains how detailed reporting / advanced reporting queries can be transferred from instance to another.

Note:They are not included either in instance refreshes or in the report transfer option.

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Short Summary:

Source Instance: -SourceBizX
1.Create a new report -Rep
2.Add a new page - RepPage
3.Edit the page and add the existing query to it using the add component option.
4.Admin > Report Transfer and Download the Report - Rep

Destination Instance:- DestBizX
1.Admin > Report Transfer and Upload the report - Rep
2.Edit Rep>RepPage
3.Edit the component
4.Export the Query

Detailed Steps:

  1. Login to the source instance - SourceBizX
  2. Create a new report using the report designer - SF_Transfer
  3. Add a Blank page to it - SF_Transfer - Page#1
  4. Edit the page.
  5. Add a 'List Component' to it.

  6. Click 'Edit Query'.
  7. The following screen will allow you to choose Detailed Reporting and Advanced Reporting queries as the data source for the list component.
  8. Select the desired query.

  9. Once done, save the report and navigate back to the Analytics home page.
  10. Use the report transfer option and download the newly created report  (SF_Transfer).
    The following article explains the 'Report Transfer' process:
  11. Login to the destination instance (DestBizX) and navigate to Analytics
  12. Use the report transfer option to import SF_Transfer to DestBizX.
  13. Navigate to report designer and edit the page SF_Transfer - Page#1
  14. Once in, edit the list component.
    Thsi can be done either by selecting the component and choosing the 'Edit Formatting' option or Left clicking and choosing 'Edit This Component'.
    Please choose one the following and NOT 'edit query'


  15. The following screen allows modifying the report's style settings. It also allows exporting the underlying query.
  16. Use the 'Export Query' option to save the query in the destination instance.


  17. Once complete, the query will noe be available in DestBizX.

Additional Notes:
The queries will work 'as is' in the destination instacne, only if the associated fields have the same configuration in both the instances.
Else, the queries might need fixes or might be unusable in the destination instances.
The process will be tedious and time taking if there are too many queries to be transferred.
Plan the complete process based on the number of queries.

  1. identify the number of queries to be transferred.
  2. Create a Blank Report page and add not more than 10 blank list components to it.

  3. Return to the Report designer, use the 'Add Page > Exiting Page' option to copy the template you just created.



  4. The number of pages required would depend on the number of queries to be transferred.
    For example, 200 queries would need 20 pages, with 10 components each:



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