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2334805 - How to override the BW Safety Belt using Lumira


  • When the amount of data exceeds the BW Safety belt, the following errors my be thrown:

Result set too large (XXXXXX cells). Data retrieval restricted by configuration (Maximum=XXXXXX cells).



 The query size exceeds the maximum allowed by the BW servers safety belt. Modify the query parameters or contact the BW server Administrator.



  • Lumira Desktop 1.31
  • Lumira Server, for BI Platform 1.31


  • The BW Safety Belt set by the BW Server Administrator has been exceeded.


  1. Modify the Lumira SAPLumira.ini file by increasing the maxvizdatasetsize:   -Dhilo.maxvizdatasetsize=<value>
  2. Increase the maximum heap size to 2048 megabytes by setting the Xmx2048m value to 2048 megabytes: -Xmx2048m
  3. For SAP Lumira, server for BI Platform perform the following in Central Management Console (CMC):
    1. Choose Servers
    2. Choose LumiraServer Services
    3. Choose the server
    4. Choose Properties
    5. In the Command Line Parameters, enter the following code snippet:


     4.   For SAP Lumira Desktop add the following parameters to the SAPLumira.ini file:


  • Note 1: This is documented in the SAP Lumira, server for BI Platform User Guide, section 3.6.3 Refreshing a Document Based on SAP Business Warehouse Data Source (p. 16)
  • Note 2: This is documented in the SAP Lumira, desktop edition User Guide, section Downloading a BW dataset (p. 184)
  • Note 3: Ensure that the MAXIMUM value is always greater than the DEFAULT value.
  • Note 4: Overriding the BEX Safety Belt may result in undesired behaviors and other performance issues.

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