2330747 - Custom report input error: Error occured while parsing datasets

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2330747 - Custom report input error: Error occured while parsing datasets


When importing a custom report to LMS, the following error is generated:

Please report the following error to your system administrator:

com.plateausystems.elms.util.helper.ElmsFinderException: Error occured while parsing datasets:
at com.plateausystems.elms.bo.customreport.impl.CustomReportServiceImpl.getReportDatasetVOX(CustomReportServiceImpl.java:1664)
at com.plateausystems.elms.bo.customreport.impl.CustomReportServiceImpl.getReportEntityVOs(CustomReportServiceImpl.java:2259)
at sun.reflect.NativeMethodAccessorImpl.invoke0(Native Method)


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When a custom admin report is to be imported, security for the report must be declared within the data set. If this is defined incorretly then the error is generated.


For example, the security for this report is based on PA_CPNT_EVTHST table.

incorrect dataset.JPG

But when the report is imported into LMS, the error is generated


To rectify the problem for this example, when you update the dataset and change the security to the PA_STUDENT table, no error is generated and the report imports as expected.

correct dataset.JPG

The security for the the report is therefore based on User.



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