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2328179 - Post Picklist Migration Guide - HXM Suite


  • What to do before the Picklist Migration?
  • Where to find documentation for the Picklist Center?
    • How to access the Picklist Center?
    • How to create MDF Picklists?
    • How to import/export MDF Picklists?
  • What is the mapping of legacy fields to MDF fields?
  • How to make hidden fields visible in Picklist Center?


  • SAP SuccessFactors HXM Suite
  • Metadata Framework (MDF)


What to do before the Picklist Migration?

Prior to migration, picklists were managed through the Import/Export Picklists tool (legacy picklists), Legacy Picklists Scheduled Jobs, or Metadata Framework (MDF) Picklists tool. However, the management of legacy picklists was cumbersome because, for example, they could be edited only through import and export.

To reduce the unnecessary maintenance burden, as well as save time, effort, and cost, and reduce errors and potential data corruption, you can now manage all picklists in the suite (legacy, non-legacy, RBP and non-RBP) from a unified picklist management user interface (UI). All modules using legacy picklists can use the Manage Picklists UI, that is Employee Central, Recruiting, Analytics, Onboarding, Foundation, Performance and Goals, Succession and Development, SF API, OData, and REST API.

For pre-migration information, or if your instances have not been migrated yet to MDF, please refer to KBA 2504047.

How to check if my instance is migrated?

Go to Admin center and search for Picklist. If you see Picklist Management, it means that you are still using legacy picklist and has not being migrated. On the other hand, if you see Picklist Center, it means that you have already been migrated to MDF Picklist.

Where to find documentation for the Picklist Center?

On the Picklist Center guide, you will find detailed instructions on how to manage your picklists based on MDF. The guide covers actions such as:

Mapping of Legacy Picklists to MDF Picklists:

A description of how each legacy picklist field is migrated to MDF can be found in the SAP Help Portal. Please refer to the Field Migration from Legacy Picklists to MDF Picklists guide.

Fields Hidden in Picklist Center:

Some MDF picklist fields are hidden in Picklist Center by default. If needed, these can be made visible by editing the PicklistValue MDF object.

By default, only the most commonly used fields are displayed in Picklist Center. Other fields exist in the database and in the PicklistValue MDF object, but are hidden from view to make Picklist Center simpler to read and use. However, in some cases, you may want to make of these hidden fields visible and editable in Picklist Center.

Example: the legacy picklist field Value is used by SAP SuccessFactors Recruiting. Setting this field to 99999 allows a job requisition to be closed. The legacy field is migrated to the optValue field in MDF. If you are using SAP SuccessFactors Recruiting, you may want to make the optValue field editable in Picklist Center after your picklist migration.

For more details on this procedure, please refer to the Revealing Hidden Fields in Picklist Center guide.

For more information on how to resolve Pre Picklist Migration issues, please refer to KBA 2816504.

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