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2327033 - How do I configure SSO in Roambi with OneLogin?


How do I configure SSO with OneLogin?


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To use the Roambi Cloud Single Sign-on (SSO) feature with OneLogin, you will need to configure OneLogin and Roambi Cloud together. 

Use this solution:

Step 1: Enable SSO in Roambi Business & Download Metadata

To enable SSO in Roambi and download metadata:

  1. Log in to Roambi Cloud using your Administrator credentials and go to the Administration panel. 
  2. Enable SSO, if you have not already done so. 
  3. Click the Single Sign-On tab.
  4. On the Single Sign-On screen, toggle the Enable Single Sign-On with SAML switch to ON, which will display additional SSO-related fields.


Step 2: Download the x.509 certificate for your OneLogin account.

On a separate tab or window, log on to OneLogin

Go to Security tab, then SAML sub-tab.


Click on the .PEM format  link to download your x.509 certificate in PEM format. 

Save the file.


Step 3: Add Roambi as a application.  

Under Apps tab, under Find apps sub-tab, search for "OneLogin SAML Test (SP)"



From Roambi Cloud Single Sign-On screen and copy the "ACS URL" value.

Paste the value to "SAML Consume URL" and "SAML Recipient".

From Roambi Cloud Single Sign-On screen and copy the "Issuer" value.

Paste the value to "Login URL" and "SAML Audience".



In OneLogin's "Single Sign-on" tab, copy the SAML Endpoints: 



Make sure Access Control is enabled for at least one of your Roles.



Step 4: Register OneLogin as Roambi Cloud's SAML Identify Provider

Return to the SSO page for the Roambi Cloud administration panel.

In the Sign-In Page URL field, add the URL previously copied from OneLogin. It should have similar format:

https://app.onelogin/com/saml/trust/saml2/http-post/sso/[app id]

For the Verification Certificate field, upload your x.509 certificate file that you previously saved.

Save your changes.


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