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2326721 - How to build a Catalist view that supports an incremental time series



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In the example below you will see how easy it is to build a Catalist view that supports an incremental time series.  We will start with data from February through March to start off with and then we will update the source Excel file to add data additional months.

1. Here is a snapshot of the original excel file.



2. We have built a Catalist view with a Column chart in the card (medium chart) and added this chart to the swipeable objects so that we will see the microchart version.




3. We have added two months of data within the Sales group (May and June):



4. Update the source file for the RBI in the Project Gallery by clicking the button below a project. This reveals the Project Information page. If the data source file used to create the report was uploaded from your computer, an Update button appears next to the Source field. Click on this button and choose your excel file with the March > May data.


5. After updating the source spreadsheet for this Catalist view and tapping refresh, I can now see that the data has been updated both in the card (medium chart) as well as the microchart.





It is important to note a few things:

  • The data must be added in the group (Sales in this case) to be added to the chart.
  • In order for your data range to grow as outlined above, before importing your source file, please make sure to remove any extraneous data below and to the right of your data range.
  • The group name cannot change to retain the chart


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