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2325556 - How to Copy Solution Profile and its Process


A solution profile is a collection of scoping decisions and business configuration settings for the SAP solution throughout its entire life cycle. With this function, you can copy your existing solution profile from one tenant to another tenant. The copy of the solution profile includes scoping and fine tuning.

Points to be remembered:

  • This function is only allowed for certain copy scenarios in the Initial Implementation project phase and after the Go Live phase. The possible usage of this function are provided in this document.
  • You can only select a test tenant as the target tenant. 
  • No copy or refresh of data is possible, so the data in the target tenant remains the same. 
  • The system applies a consistency check, which means that only a consistent solution profile can be copied. 
  • The system applies veto checks (For example, the copy will fail if required data is missing from the target tenant). 
  • The SAP Cloud Applications Studio solution must be of the same version in the source and target tenants, or there must be no SAP Cloud Applications Studio solution deployed in either tenant.
  • No downtime is required for the copy solution profile process


  • SAP Cloud for Customer
  • SAP Business ByDesign


Scenarios for Copying Solution Profiles

 You can use the function in the Service Control Center work center only for copying from:

  • A source test tenant to a target test tenant (Functionality works only when there is no PDI solution in the systems or it isnecessary to have the PDI solutions in sync regarding name, version and status in the source and in the target tenant.).
  • A source productive tenant to a target test tenant

 You can copy solution profiles in the following scenarios:

  • Initial Implementation
  • Changing a Project after the Go Live Phase
  • You should use this function only if you want to change the current Business Configuration in your productive tenant.
  • If you want to change the Business Configuration of your productive tenant, you can Merge back the changes in the Business Configuration only with a valid change project or solution profile.
  • Copying is possible only when the solution profile chosen is related to a valid change project with status Started and not used for another tenant or process. There are no other solution profile copy scenarios supported after the Go Live phase.

Steps to Copy Solution Profile:

  1. Go Service Control Center work center.
  2. Go to Systems view.
  3. Select source instance.
  4. Select Copy Solution Profile button.
  5. Source system is selected.
  6. Choose your respective solution profile.
  7. Select respective tenant as Target System.
  8. Select Ok.

Once the copy of solution profile is completed, check the below:

  1. Go to Business Configuration work center.
  2. Select Implementation Projects view.
  3. Highlight the Implementation Projects or Change project.

System shows "This project is active only in the test system. Open the test system to continue working on the project" at the bottom of the screen. You can also find the System Status of this Project as Test System Available.

Any changes to this Project should be performed in the respective Test System and the changes will be reflected upon Save. Once, the changes and tests are completed in the test system, perform the Merge of change project from the Test system to the Production system.

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