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2323791 - FAQ: Custom Landing Page in LMS


This KBA covers Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) regarding creating a Custom Landing Page in the LMS


SuccessFactors Learning Management System (LMS) - All Supported Versions since b1605


1. Until the version Q1-2016 it wasn't possible to move the tile "My Learning Assignment" to the tab "Not Used". Using the "Add Tile" on the "Home" page, will it be possible to unselect that tile? Will it be possible to hide completely that tile for the users, so it will exist only on the "Tile Listing" page?

Yes you can remove the tile from the HOME page

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2. If the answer on the question 1 is positive, then what will happen with the "Home" page all the tiles are removed from there? Will it disappear from the user view?

The page will remain visible and cannot be deleted (only custom page can). If you remove all the tiles, the page will be empty.

The tab "HOME" will only be removed if the workflow "access home" is deleted from the role assigned to the user

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3. "Start Date" doesn't look like a mandatory attribute. What will happen if the status of the page is "Active" and the "Start Date" is not set, will the page be visible?


Even if you save the custom page without a start date when you log in the next time you will notice that it has populated today's date

From the HELP files:

  1. System Admin > Configuration > Landing Page Settings 
  2. Click the landing page that you want to activate.
  3. In Status, select activate.
  4. In Start Date, select a date when the page should become active to users.
    If you select a date of today or in the past, users see the landing page the next time they log in.
    If you select a date in the future, then they see it the first time they log in on or after the date. Select a date in the future if you plan to roll it out and need time to communicate with your users.
  1. Click Save.
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 4. On a page with tiles there is a column "Action", which contains buttons "X". What they do?

 They enable you to remove the tile from the current page

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5. Is there any change of the tab "MyEmployees". Could you tell us if hiding tiles on the "Home" page will have any influence on the content of the "My Employees" page?

 In integrated mode "My Employees" is a landing page separated from the "My Learning" page therefore changes to "My learning" should not influence this page.

The page "My Employees" is related to having users designated as subordinates and the content of the page related to "My Employees" workflows in the user role as well as the tiles made available in the page.


6. If the "Screen display width" in the "Global Settings" is changed then will it have influence to the tiles' location in the user view?

The "Screen display width" property defines the space the LMS considers available to placing the tiles by default. The User can later change the position of the tiles, however the default before uses the "Screen display width" property.

From the HELP files:

To decide on your width, consider the workstations that your employees use. If you have a mix of workstation screen sizes, select the smaller number so that you do not disadvantage those users.

Additionally, do not consider tablet or phone screen sizes because this setting affects only the browser view of the tiles.

7. Is there a maximum number of Custom Landing pages which can be create?

Yes. The maximum number of custom landing pages which can be create is 5

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