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2322174 - LMS Resources: Best Practises, Guides, Support Tools, Useful links


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Please use the below links to access the section you need help for other resources from LMS Product Support, this links are specific for LMS application, if you want general information for the other resources please visit the SAP One stop shop for partnersSecureIcon.JPG:


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learningicon.jpg Learning Resources: 


Learning Resources


  1. SAP SuccessFactors Training and Certification overview for SuccessFactors Learning Management System:


Please click the image to access the site as the course structure may change SecureIcon.JPG


SuccessFactors Certification Training.JPG


The following courses are offered on SAP Learning Hub:



  1. Cloud Learning Center :


This curriculum contains the following SuccessFactors Learning courses: Learning PTO, Learning Admin Introduction, Learning Needs Management, Online Content Management, Online Exams, Scheduling, and Training Evaluations.


Cloud Learning Center.JPG


  1. SAP Enterprise Support Portal:


SAP Enterprise Support Academy helps you build up the knowledge and skills needed to fully maximize the benefit of SAP Enterprise Support. The program offers learning content and services in several formats, supporting different learning styles and needs, from ad hoc problem solving to structured, long-term knowledge acquisition.








bestguidesicon.jpg  Best Practices:


Best Practices


  1.  SuccessFactors - Useful Resources and Documents

    Learning Management System (LMS):



  1. Service Marketplace: SAP Best Practices & SAP Rapid Deployment Solutions:



  1. SAP Demostore:


The demo store is a tool that allows you to find and play demos that relate to a specific topic / module. An SAP login is required.


  • Use keywords to search for demos that relate to the product you are interested in.For example you can search for “SF” or “SuccessFactors”
  • Once you have a demo that suits your search, you can click the link to go into the demo specific section.
  • Once you have launched the demo playback you will be able to choose whether to have it play in one of the following modes:
    Automatic: The tool will play the demo back automatically
    Guided: The tool will ask you to perform the actions to progress through the demo, with prompts to help you.

    Free presentation: The tool will let you perform all clicks without providing any assistance prompts


 Learning Management System Search:


  • 12051 - ORD Click-Thru - LMS ScenarioLast updated: September 14, 2015
    This script demonstrates the power of Online Report Designer (ORD) with regards to LMS data.


The script includes:
• Creating a table of employee names, locations, assigned curriculums, and completion statuses
• How to create a pivot query based on this table in order to draw a chart of curriculum completion status by department.
• Render the pivot query as a stacked vertical bar chart within a blank report


  • 12022 - Integration of SuccessFactors Learning Management System (SFSF LMS) with SAP HCILast updated: February 23, 2016
    The SFSF Learning system has users, learning items, curricula, catalog and so on… This integration scenario transports new and changed elements from the Curriculum to SAP HCM(simulated by SFTP).







Guidesicon.jpg Guides:




  1. Product information and guides on





  1. Partner Portal (requires sfsfx domain login) New Coming Soon on July 1st SecureIcon.JPG


Methodology and Implementation: Tools to help manage all of your customer implementations.


  1. Cloud Service Specifications


This lists all SAP Cloud products and defines the Technical and Functional Specifications for each product.



  1. Partner EdgeSecureIcon.JPG





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Trainingicon.jpg Training:




  1. Partner Edge Training resources (view catalog)SecureIcon.JPG



  1. OpenSapSecureIcon.JPG








producticon.jpg Product Release:


SuccessFactors Community SecureIcon.JPG


  1.  ProductUpdatesSecureIcon.JPG
    SuccessFactors® HCM Suite Q2 2016


  1. Release Information DetailsSecureIcon.JPG
    SAP SuccessFactors Learning Management


  1. Release Information WebinarsSecureIcon.JPG
    SAP SuccessFactors Learning Management




communityicon.jpg Community:


 SuccessFactors CommunitySecureIcon.JPG


  1. Community LearningSecureIcon.JPG
  2. Support Improvement IdeasSecureIcon.JPG 
  3. Product UpdatesSecureIcon.JPG





supportoolicon.jpg Support Tools:


Service & Support Portals


Please refer to the following page for a quick reference list of Support & service Tools - click here



Performance Troubleshooting Tools




Used to capture Performance information. Product Support would require HTTPWatch logs in order to further investigate UI Performance related issues. For example - a page is taking more than 10 seconds to load. HTTPWatch can be used to capture useful information for Product Support & Development teams to investigate the issue further. Please do note - the acceptable page loading times are generally between 6 and 12 seconds. Any pages loading within this expectation are not considered performance issues.


Download Basic Version Here - redirect_external.png (Free Download)



Content tools test pages


AICCTestPage : Tool to test AICC content.


ScormTestPage : Tool to test Scorm 1.2 content.


Chrome : This tutorial shows how to collect network traces with Google Chrome Network Tool, no needs to install any additional software.


Fiddler : This tutorial shows the process of capturing network traffic using the Fiddler tool.


Firefox : This tutorial shows how to collect network traces with Firefox (from version 41) Network Tool, no needs to install any additional software.


httpwatch : This tutorial shows the process of capturing network traffic using the HttpWatch tool. The only prior requirement is to have at least Internet Explorer or Firefox installed.


InternetExplorer : This tutorial shows how to collect network traces with IE9/I10/IE11 Developer Tools, no needs to install any additional software.




CSV/Import File Editors for connectors or import template tool


MSExcel.JPG Microsoft Excel


Probably the most commonly used/popular tool to manage CSV Import files, but not nessecarily the most user friendly. Due to the auto-formatting that occurs when you open a CSV file directly in MS Excel, special guidelines should be followed when using MS Excel to edit CSV files


Download Here - redirect_external.png (Not a Free Download)




OpenOffice.JPG OpenOffice


Probably the simplest tool to use, as you will be prompted when opening a CSV file, in which format or under which special handling should be considered before opening the file. Probably the simplest tool to use when working with CSV files that contain non-english characters


Download Here - redirect_external.png (Free Download)



notepad++.JPG Notepad++


Simple text editor - helps to check he validity of a CSV Import file (sometimes file encoding or formatting issues are not seen in either Excel or OpenOffice, and opening the file in a simple Text editor is the only way to see the issue)


Download Here - redirect_external.png (Free Download)









Availabilityicon.jpg Availability:


 Availability, and Outage Communications:


Service status dashboard:
This page is used to monitor SuccessFactors Datacenter availability. This show the current status real time but also provide the service history for each datacenter. When the service is interrupted on a datacenter, a detailed explanation on the Incident and issue should be available, showing by database or Product or specific service like SFTP


Outage notifications:
If you wish to have an S-User setup to receive outage notifications this can be done by your customer's cloud admin.
See KBA 2115584 - How to get added to (or removed from) notifications for downtime, outages, data center maintenance, release info, and Admin Compass emails - SuccessFactors


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helprequest.png Help process:


Help process


Creating Support Incidents
When creating a Support Incident, there are some considerations you need to take when defining the Priority of the incident, such as -:


  • Is my customer live or going live in the next couple or weeks or months?
  • What stage of the Implementation is currently being impacted?
  • How many users are actually impacted?
  • Is there a work-around that can be used in the interim to circumvent the issue and continue the Implementation until a permanent solution can be provided?
  • Have I performed due diligence and checked my configuration and/or data to ensure the issue is not caused by something my or I have recently done?
  • When did the issue start occurring? (After latest config change roll-out, product release, product patch)


Interim work-arounds
We always prefer to try and keep you working until a permanent solution is available.




Incident Priority
Please choose a priority correctly. The below article helps to give an idea of what types of issues would qualify for certain priorities. It is important not to abuse incident priority, as this will have wider impacts to supporting you and your implementation.


2155217 - Incident Prioritization for "LMS"




Product Defect Fixes
SAP SuccessFactors is a multi-tenant system, so it is impossible to patch a fix to a single instance. As all instance are running on the same code-base, when a patch is deployed it is deployed to the data centers on the impacted release which means all customers get the patch/fix at the same time. Patch deployments are always performed during the weekly maintenance window at the end of the working week (starting early on a Saturday morning usually). How does a Defect Fix process work? Well, development will need to -:


Identify what type of issue it is (Regression, Functional Gap, Enhancement)
If it is a regression issue, then Development will work to reproduce the issue in the current build they are developing (the next release).


Develop the code fix for the next release and verify it causes no further issues.


Determine whether the fix can be patched to the current release or whether it requires deep regression testing to ensure no further defects are introduced, meaning it will be fixed only in the next release.


If the fix can be patched to current release, the patch will also have to pass Risk Assessment and QA Testing to ensure it can be safely aplied.


Patches will get their final go/no-go approval by the end of day Tuesday every week.


What if the fix cannot be patched?
Then you will need to wait for the release where it is fixed.


Can any defect be patched?
No. Development Engineering will determine the risk and impact a patch would have, or whether a patch is not possible as a more comprehensive fix is required


What about patching Enhancement Requests?
We do not patch Enhancement Requests - as they require deep regression testing, they will only be deployed during a quarterly release - this is across the board, and no exceptions


What is a Functional Gap?
This means that what you are trying to do, is not currently support by the application. Meaning the code would need to be developed to handle whatever it is you are trying to do - this would also fall under an Enhancement Request, as the behaviour/functionality never existed, and needs to be created. FunctionGap fixes are treated as Enhancement Requests, therefore they will not be considered for patch either.




Configuration Changes
Please note that SucessFactors Learming Management System (LMS) Product Support generally do not make configuration changes for customers or partners. There are only a few items in which Product Support will help make certain minor changes for Live customers, as a majority of general configuration changes can be made by a system admin via the web UI.


Please refer to the following articles to help guide you are your customer on how and which services to engage, depending on the change request


2234806 - Learning Scope of Support


2233162 -  LMS: Learning Integration Guides



Enhancement Requests
Please do not open a Support Incident if you have identified functional requirements or potential enhancement possibilities for SuccessFactors Learning Management System. Please follow the below article to understand how to correctly submit an Idea to our Product Management team for review and consideration.


2167560 - How to submit an Enhancement Request for SAP LMS






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