2320770 - Information regarding user notifications with programs

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2320770 - Information regarding user notifications with programs


Information regarding notifications with programs


1) In what basic workflows will program notifications be triggered (enrollment, reminder, cancel, etc.)?
     A) If the “allow notification when item is added” is there then the notification will receive the mail.
2) Which notifications are triggered for programs(are they different from items)?
     A) No they are not different. Item notifications are triggered with Program info in it.
3) Can the notifications be customized for 'only' the programs without affecting item notifications?
     A) No,  explicit customization of notification for program is not there as of now
4) To whom are the email notifications sent to for the program notifications (can they be set different than items)?
     A) No, they cannot. It depends on the item and global settings.
5) How are the item notifications consolidated for programs?
     A) If you see the template, program tags are added now since 1508, these bring in the information of program.


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