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2319213 - Know How on KUT Solutions and Issues Due to KUT Solutions During Solution Profile Copy/ Merge


You will receive the following errors when you try to perform Copy Solution Profile Copy/ Merge:

  • System versions do not match
  • Copy not allowed; source and target system have different add on versions

Reproducing the Issue

You will be performing any of the following actions:

  1. Copy Solution Profile
  2. Merge
  3. Tenant Move

Above mentioned error will be displayed but you will not be able to find any add on solution in the Custom Object Builder as you have not created any.


The KUT solution is implicitly created first time when a CBO(Custom Business Object) is created (in case of test tenant ) and CBO is uploaded (in case of productive tenant).

If you naviagte to the following path

  1. Login to frontend UI.
  2. Naviagate to Administrator work center.
  3. Click on Custom Object Builder link.
  4. Here only the custom objects can be seen and not the KUT solution.

A KUT solution will get automatically created if you add any custom BO's in the UI, which will be created by SAP and you would not be able to see it in the frontend. If you login to SDK you will be able to see a KUT solution there, but you cannot perform any actions on this solution.

Download and upload of the custom solutions can be done through below path:

  1. Login to frontend UI.
  2. Navigate to the work center Custom Solution Builder.
  3. Here you can perform create/ upload / download.

There are two scenarios :

  • CBO scenario : In this case, you can only create/download/upload the custom objects. The KUT solution is implicitly created. Now if you want to upload this to the production tenant you have to raise an incident with SAP Support.



  • CSB scenario : In this , you can create custom solutions from Custom Solution Builder. You can upload and download the custom solutions to other tenants and you will get all the options here as same as in the SDK.



In order to resolve the KUT solution mismatch issues, you have to create an incident at SAP support to either to delete the solution (if you do not need the Custom BO's created) or to upload the solution to production tenant.


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