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This article has been put together by Cloud Product Support to provide Customers and Partners some Tips & Tricks to the use of Platform related features and tools during implementations.
The aim is to centralize some of the more frequently encountered Implementation issues and to give some tips and tricks to avoid any unnecessary delays to an Implementation.

Please note that this article (and sub-articles) are frequently reviewed and updated by Product Support over time, based on our experiences for new and existing customers.
Please do utilize the information provided to ensure that you troubleshoot the issues and/or blocks you are encountering first before opening a Support Incident as a lot of the issues you may encounter already have solutions.
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Implementation tips & tricks (in progress - content will be added regularly)

Feature or Tool Topic Comments Relevant resources (Guides, KBA, etc..) Direct link for KBA search
SSO with SAML Provisioning and Troubleshooting This KBA was created by Support to help you troubleshoot common errors and issues without having to open support incidents in most cases. KBA 2317944 BizX Platform - Partner resources : SAML 2.0 Provisioning guide - Troubleshooting tips and tricks - Common errors and resolution SAML
Data retention management (DRM) Purging and re-using Usernames and UserID’s If you plan on using the Data retention management tool to purge and re-import users (for example if you are performing several iterations of the imports process for validation).
Please note that the DRM tool does NOT purge the userID and username of users from the User SYS info database table.
This means that while the user related data (forms, job reqs, etc..) may be purged, you cannot re-use the username or userid after the purge.

We offer a solution which involves running scripts to purge this table, but this requires lead times of 2-3 weeks as a custom script has to be created and validated each time.
KBA 2088065 - Data Retention Management - Purge Data - Platform
section "What about users? Can the purged users UserID’s or Usernames be recycled?"
Data retention management
DRM with LMS integration With integrated learning (LMS) the following rules need to be followed or the request will fail :
-          User creating purge request must a have matching user in LMS (same username as the userID in bizx)
-          Matching user in LMS needs to have full administrator rights.
If these conditions are not fulfilled the purge creation request will fail and will show as failed with no approvals.
KBA 2088065 - Data Retention Management - Purge Data - Platform
section "How does an admin purge an inactive user?"
Encoding, working on CSV files with Excel

- Issues caused by encoding mismatches during import and how to fix.
- Microsoft Excel behaviour.
- Duplicated users due to leading zeros in USERID

You may run into issues with garbled / corrupted characters after importing data into SuccessFactors.
This could be due to encoding mismatches during any step at the import stage, and also commonly related to the use of Microsoft Excel to work on csv files.
See the KBA for more information and tips.
KBA 2320676 - Platform - File encoding and impact on import jobs. Tips & Tricks from Support  
Scheduled jobs

- Job Setup in provisioning - generic sections
- Differences between FTP and job scheduler server time zones
- Common errors that can be fixed without Support involvement

Use this KBA if you have some trouble setting up a job or you are not sure about how the different settings affect the job.
You will also find a few common errors you may see in provisioning that can be resolved without assistance from support and other tips (for example dependent job considerations) and best practices
KBA 2320572 - Platform - Job scheduler tips & tricks from Support for Partners and Consultants Scheduled jobs
PGP in provisioning Key generation and administration The KBA is intended as a guide for partners and consultants. It describes the features available via provisioning - Manage PGP keys.  KBA 2296971 - Generating PGP Keys PGP
Audit Framework Guide and FAQ

The KBA contains the top questions from customers and partners pertaining to the audit framework.
How to enable it
How to request an audit report (including template of a request)
Performance considerations
And many more..

KBA 2240477 - Audit Framework - Guide for customers and Frequently Asked Questions - Bizx Platform Audit Framework
Technical description of the audit framework database The KBA is intended to provide an idea of the structure of the audit framework using a simple example:
- How the changes and context of changes are captured
- What an audit report may look like.
KBA 2307420 - BizX Platform - Audit Framework inner workings - How does the audit framework capture and store the audit data ? What is captured ?
 Mobile  Mobile Starter Kit

Follow the link to access these resources:
- Deployment handbook & how to video
- Pitch Deck
- Feature list with comparison by platform: Android, iOS (Iphone vs Ipad)
- Feature demo videos
- FAQ (see here for security related concerns)
- Learning content for Mobile

 See the mobile starter kit on the SuccessFactors community Mobile
Data Model changes  Changes required for Partial Organisation SSO In Order to Enable Partial Organization SSO, you'll need to make changes to the data-model and enable a new standard-element. The changes and other Partial Organisation SSO related aspects and considerations are captured in this KBA. KBA 2320766 - BizX Platform - Partial Organization SSO - Data model configuration, tips & tricks from Support for Partners  
Editing filters available for Dynamic Groups - How to amend the available filters for creating dynamic groups
- What elements can be setup as filters in dynamic groups
KBA 2088248 - My Groups - Dynamic Groups - Platform.  
Editing filters available for RBP Groups - How to amend the available filters for creating RBP groups
- What elements can be setup as filters in RBP groups
See Implementation guide for RBP available via
System performance Capturing data for support This KBA guides you through steps to cature the required information for Cloud Product Support to analyse your performance issue KBA 2154061 - Troubleshooting SuccessFactors Application Performance Issues  
Role Based Permissions (RBP) Implementing RBP The implementation guide provides simple steps to an RBP activation. RBP implementation guide RBP
Troubleshooting RBP issues The RBP admin guide contains tips to troubleshoot and identify permission issues. We also created a Support KBA to further guide you. - RBP Admin guide 
- KBA 2321200 - BizX Platform - Troubleshooting RBP issues : Admin tools & reports 
Instance Synchronization tool Implementation Guide - Pay attention to the release versions of your source and target instances, as the sync tool may not allow to sync all objects if you are on different versions.
For example your source could be located in one of the preview stacks and your target in one of the production stacks.
As the new release is delivered one month in advance on the preview stacks, you would see some objects being unavailable to sync if you tried to sync objects to the production stack instance while the production stack is still on the older release.

- For MDF objects there are some considerations to bear in mind. See KBA linked in the next column.
Instance Sync Implementation guide Instance Synchronization
Admin Guide Instance Sync Admin guide
Tips and good to know information

KBA 2227046 - Instance Synchronization tool - Data for the MDF Objects not getting synce

KBA 2088055 - Instance Synchronization feature & need to know 

Email Notifications Top issues and basic troubleshooting tips These are the common reasons for emails not being received. We provide logic to test and detrmine if the issue is caused by the customer's environment (mail servers) or if the email is not triggered from the SuccessFactors email servers. KBA 2087890 - Email Notifications: Top Reasons Why Emails are Not Sent or Received and basic troubleshooting logic - BizX Platform Email notifications


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