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2318240 - Free iContent Provisioning and Akamai Service - [LMS]


1) Free iContent account - 25GB

2) Free Akamai service


25 GB of iContent(Content SFTP) space along with Akamai service is free with SuccessFactors LMS versions above vb1508


1) iContent Account :

- If the iContent account is not provisioned already and your LMS instance is in version above b1508, please raise a support incident and request us to provision it for you which would take 10 business days.

- Why it is not provided by default : The 25 GB iContent account is a free service and there are customers who doesn't want this free service and would want to host the contents in their own SFTP servers and hence this iContent service is a choice for the customers which they could take if they want and can even ignore if they do not want it. This has to be raised by the Implementation partner during the implementation phase and by customer after that if required.

- Support Incident Priority : As for the priority, all requests like this has to be P3 or lesser to accommodate the frequency of the updates that we could provide.

- Free iContent Account : 25 GB of SFTP space. If additional SFTP space is required, please contact your CSM or the SAP Sales team.

- Instances Provided : This free 25 GB of iContent space would be provided only with the Production and Stage LMS and not for sandbox. If you have additional space that was paid for, then the setting would be enabled with the Sandbox instance as well.

- This 25 GB of space is the collective space provided for the Prod and Stage LMS and not 25 GB each.

2) Akamai Service :

- Akamai service can be enabled for free with the iConent service and this process would start after the iContent account.

- What is Akamai and why do we use it : If Akamai service is enabled with the LMS instance, the contents of LMS would be stored/cached at multiple locations of the Akamai servers(there are approximately 2,00,000 Akamai Edge servers around the world) where the contents are cached from LMS and would be delivered to the users. For example, if the content server is in Sydney and if the users are accessing the content in New York, there would be a tremendous delay in the time taken to render all the contents from Sydney servers to the user's location but with Akamai, the contents are cached in multiple locations and would be rendered to the users from the closest location(may be the content is cached in the servers located in Texas and delivered from Texas to New York reducing the time taken thereby enhancing the performance and usability of the contents/LMS).

- Akamai Content Cache Time : The Akamai servers usually takes 1 to 2 days to cache the content(or any content changes) to keep the content/web pages updated to the latest ones. Please plan accordingly when you are hosting/modifying contents in the LMS with Akamai service and release it to the users after a day or two.


**Before we can apply this service, we need your organization to confirm one of the following and update us in the support Incident:**
1. Our organization does not restrict access to external sites through whitelisting. Please note, access restrictions via a blacklist are not a problem.
- OR -
2. Our organization is required to whitelist external sites, and the LMS hostname is whitelisted by domain or DNS.


PS : Please prefer to whitelist based on the domain name and not with the IP as that could avoid a huge confusion with the IPs and with the domain name the process is fairly easy and simple.

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