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2314584 - How LMS handles daylight savings in scheduled offerings


  • To handle Daylight Savings Time in LMS Scheduled Offerings.
  • For example, the user signed up for a course that is expected to start 2 pm EST. However, the original time zone of the course is Europe (6 hours later) at 8pm. The user signed up while the time difference is 6 hours. Now the time in EST is changed from winter to summer time. This means that for a period of time the time difference is 7 hours. The course is planned to take place during that period of time. So for the user the start of the course is actually not 2 PM EST but 1 PM EST.
  • Will LMS automatically adjust the start time (after the employee has already enrolled in the course) for the user to 1 PM or will it still show as 2 PM EST?


SuccessFactors Learning Management System (LMS) b1505 and above


  1. Since v1505 of LMS any changes of Daylight Savings Time (DST) are taken into account based on the timezone the scheduled offering was created in. So the start time should adjust regardless of what timezone the course is being taken in to align with the host time zone's DST change.Best to explain based on the screengrab below to illustrate an example.
  2. A scheduled offering is created in GMT with a start date of Oct 28th (just before DST changes in GMT). The SO is set to run each day from 13:00 to 22:00 GMT. It will last over two weeks and during that time DST will change in both GMT and EST timezones (but not on the same date).
  3. Its assigned to a Learner in US, who uses the EST time zone. Now look at the below screengrab of the schedule as viewed by the User. Start and end time are calculated based on changes in GMT as thats where the SO originated. When the time changes in GMT the start and end time adjust accordingly in the US to match. Similarly, when DST changes later in EST; its corrected again.



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