2304616 - Top 10 Reasons why a job is not appearing on a strategy page - Recruiting Marketing

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2304616 - Top 10 Reasons why a job is not appearing on a strategy page - Recruiting Marketing


An overview of the most common causes that we found until now as to why a job is not appearing on the strategy pages in the Recruiting Marketing site. 


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1. The job may not be posted

Please ensure that the job is posted in Recruiting Marketing. You can double check that by searching for the job in the “search for all jobs”/”view all jobs” section of your jobs site, instead of the strategy page. 


2. The rules may need to be adjusted

All strategy pages are created based on rules. These rules define the fields/keywords/title/etc. that the jobs must contain in order to display on that page.

For example, usually the rules are created based on the department/job category field, so the rule can say that all jobs where the department field is “sales” will appear on the "Sales" strategy page.

If a job is not appearing on a strategy page, a possible reason might be that the rule does not contain the expected values for that job, so the rules have to be reviewed.

Please refer to the following Knowledge Base Article for further details: 2305898


3. The value for field in Recruiting Management/Applicant Tracking System may need to be adjusted

If you followed the steps described on step 2, and you found that the rules for the strategy page are correct, you may need to adjust the value for the field that is used on the rule to match what is described on the rule.

In the example provided in the step 2, in case the rules for the "Sales" page are correct, but the department field for the job in the Applicant Tracking System is set to “Information Technology” instead of “Sales”, you will need to change the value to "Sales".


4. The mapping can be wrong

For Real Time Job Sync customers:  It is possible that the rule for the strategy page is configured to use the RMK Department field (for example), but in Recruiting Management the field that is sending the information to Recruiting Marketing is not associated/mapped to the RMK Department field.

The mapping between the Recruiting Management and Marketing fields is configured in Admin Center > Setup Recruiting Marketing Job Field Mapping. 


5. It is possible that the system is not processing correctly the data

It is not usual to happen, but it is possible that the Applicant Tracking System is sending “Sales” in the department field, but the Recruiting Marketing system is receiving the value “Engineering” for the department field.

This would be a bug that will need to be investigated by our Engineering team. 



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