2302127 - ORD / WFA - Standard Roles available and limitation (Roles Maintenance)

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2302127 - ORD / WFA - Standard Roles available and limitation (Roles Maintenance)


This KBA has been created to explain the our standard roles and their limitations.

List of the Standard Roles available?

Admin I
End User
Full Access
Implementation Partner
Report Admin
Report Consumer
Report Creator (selected)

How to access to this role and see the current permissions/restrictions?

You should have assigned any role with "Edit User Roles" to have access to "Roles maintenance"

The Role maintenance is available following the steps :

1 - Access to Online Report Designer using Analytics / Reporting tab.

2 - Select Admin (available top right)

3 - Select "Roles Maintenance".

Role maintenance.jpg

4 - Click on Roles (to open all roles available)

List role available.jpg

5 - Select a role

List Standard Role.jpg

Default Role assigned and Access

1 - Implementation Partner role

As part of each Online Report Designer implementation, SuccessFactors provide a user with the role "Implementation Partner" access that must be use to administrate your instance. This role has access to the following role :

- Edit Users
- Edit User Roles
- Menu Building
- View All Menus
- Site Statistics
- Detailed Reporting
- Report Distributor
- Report Designing
- Report Designing Admin
- FTP Configuration
- Report Transfer
- Question Maintenance

Note : You can open a support incident if you require a user to be assigned this role.

2 - Report Consumer role (Default role)

As part of each Online Report Designer implementation, each new user will get assign this role called "Report Consumer" where All Actions are restricted.


Role cannot be edit or changes, however you can still "COPY" this role using "Copy" option in Roles Maintenance.

Menu are RESTRICTED, however you should create your own role to define the menu or copy this role.

WFA customer only : A custom Role should be provided to you that will include all WFA feature that will contain the following functionalities :

- Edit Users
- Edit User Roles
- Edit Footnotes
- Menu Building
- View All Menus
- Site Statistics
- Target Maintenance
- Edit Measure Overrides
- Data Capture
- Document Upload
- Query Workspace
- Detailed Reporting
- Drill to Detail
- Workforce Planning
- Workforce Planning Admin
- Workforce Planning Financials
- Analytics Workspace
- Report Distributor
- Report Designing
- Report Designing Admin
- Headlines
- Headlines Admin
- Headlines Management
- FTP Configuration
- Report Transfer
- Question Maintenance

Feel free to contact your Customer Support if you are a WFA customer and require a role with all this features.

For additionnal ORD documentations,training and videos , please refer to this KBA


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