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2300595 - VAT for XYZ Missing in Document XXX of Type Customer Invoice


You execute a Tax Return Run and system displays the error message VAT for XYZ Missing in Document XXX of type Customer Invoice in the Results tab.

Reproducing the Issue

  1. Go to Tax Management Work center.
  2. Go to Periodic Tasks > EC Sales List Runs.
  3. Select Run ID XXX and click the Log ID YYYY
  4. Go to Results Tab.


Once a document involves taxes relevant for EC Sales List it is mandatory that the associated Business Partners have a VAT Registration Number.

Even if a document is cancelled a VAT Number is necessary for the business partner since the original invoice and the cancellation will be considered in the Tax Return but the net taxes from this pair would be zero.


A) For cases where the business partner/account is in an EU country, please maintain a valid VAT Registration Number.

  1. Go to Receivables Work Center.
  2. Go to Customers View > Customer Accounts subview.
  3. Insert the Account ID and click on Go.
  4. Click on the Customer name.
  5. Click on View All.
  6. Go to Financials Data tab.
  7. Go to Tax Data Sub-Tab.
  8. Under Tax Numbers click on Add Row and insert the VAT Registration Number.

B) For cases where the business partner is not in a EU country, please cancel the Invoices listed in the errors (ensure that the cancellation happens using the same date as the original invoice) and post new invoices with right tax codes.

Then, send the incident to SAP with the permission to manually set these invoices and cancellation pairs as cleared so they will not be considered in the EC Sales Return and thus avoid the errors.

See Also

It could also happen that the error message could be displayed as a Warning and no Report be created.

In this case check the Warning messages and if there is an error message as mentioned above, perform exactly the same steps as above to solve the issue.

This happens mainly when there are more than one invoice pertaining to the same company and one of them were corrected and the rest not.


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