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2294740 - To set up the competency connector for the first time


Setting up the competency connector for the first time.


SuccessFactors Learning Management System (LMS) - All Supported Versions


Set up needed for running Competency Connectors in LMS

1. First identify the SF competency library that needs to be exported (This is done by BizX-CS team)

One place where you can see the competencies that belong to a SuccessFactors library is in provisioning, under Managing Competencies and skills > Competency Libraries)

2. Run job to export the SF competencies library into FTP (Done by BizX-CS team/Partner/CSM)

Login to Provisioning

  • Choose Company ID and choose Manage schedule jobs link under Managing Job Scheduler
  • Select ‘Create new job’ and enter all the parameters as:
  • Add job name: Any name
  • Job Owner: Enter Admin user
  • Job Type: Competency Library export
  • Job Parameters: Export GUID radiobutton and choose <Library name> in Competency Libraries (Ex: SuccessFactors)
  • Host Address:xx.xx.xx.xx:22( IP address &port)
  • FTP Login/Password: {userID}/{password}
  • SFTP Protocol: Checked
  • Click on Test connection- Proceed only if this step is successful!
  • File Path:/home/psotech/connectors/input
  • File Name: Any name(say Test) OR give your file name->
  • Where xxx is tenantID or CustomerID in LMS
  • File Encryption:Choose none radiobutton and verify
  • Before starting the Job click on "Test File Put Permission" button and make sure it is Successful.
  • Enter the start Date and time
  • Click create job
  • New Job is created in the manage Job page-Click on action dropdown and choose submit. The job is submitted

3. Verify the competency library zip file is exported to SFTP(can be checked by customer/CS/CSM/Partner)

  • Login into SFTP
  • Go to the file path specified
  • Competency library zip file gets placed at this path by name

4. Configure Connectors on the LMS (scheduled by LMS-CS/customer/Partner/CSM)

  • As an LMS admin navigate to SysAdmin > Configuration > System Configuration > Select Connectors
  • Change the below settings on the Connectors file
  • connector.ftp.input.remoteDirectory= File path specified while exporting library
  • (if export is done without tenantID or CustomerID)
  • connector.ftp.protocol=sftp
  • connector.ftp.port=22
  • connector.ftp.userID={user_id}
  • connector.ftp.password={password}
  • Apply Changes

5. Run the SF Competency Connector on the LMS to import the SF competencies (scheduled by LMS-CS/customer/Partner/CSM)

  • To run this connector, make sure to add ALL CONNECTOR role to the admin
  • Navigate to Connector > Competency Connector-SF
  • Schedule the job
  • Connector should run successfully


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