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2294740 - How to set up competency connector for the first time


  • Setting up competency connector for the first time.


-SuccessFactors LMS

-Learning Management System

Reproducing the Issue

Set up needed for running Competency Connectors in LMS

1) First identify the SF competency library that needs to be exported (This is done by BizX-CS team)

One place where you can see the competencies that belong to a SuccessFactors library is in provisioning, under Managing Competencies and skills >Competency Libraries)

Run job to export the SF competencies library into FTP (Done by BizX-CS team/Partner/CSM)

-        Login to Provisioning

-        Choose Company ID and choose Manage schedule jobs link under Managing Job Scheduler

-        Select ‘Create new job’  and enter all the parameters as:

-        Add job name: Any name

-        Job Owner: Enter Admin user

-        Job Type: Competency Library export

-        Job Parameters: Export GUID radiobutton and choose <Library name>  in Competency Libraries (Ex: SuccessFactors)

-        Host Address:xx.xx.xx.xx:22( IP address &port)

-        FTP Login/Password: {userID}/{password}

-        SFTP Protocol: Checked

-        Click on Test connection-  Proceed only if this step is successful!

-        File Path:/home/psotech/connectors/input

-        File Name: Any name(say Test) OR give your file name->

        Where xxx is tenantID or CustomerID in LMS

-        File Encryption:Choose none radiobutton and verify

-        Before starting the Job click on "Test File Put Permission" button and make sure it is Successful.

-        Enter the start Date and time

-        Click create job

-        New Job is created in the manage Job page-Click on action dropdown and choose submit. The job is submitted


  1. 3.      Verify the competency library zip file is exported to SFTP(can be checked by customer/CS/CSM/Partner)

-        Login into SFTP

-        Go to the file path specified

-        Competency library zip file gets placed at this path by name


  1. 4.      Configure Connectors on the LMS (scheduled by LMS-CS/customer/Partner/CSM)

-        As an LMS admin navigate to SysAdmin->Configuration->System Configuration->Select Connectors

-        Change the below settings on the Connectors file

-        connector.ftp.input.remoteDirectory= File path specified while exporting library

- (if export is done without tenantID or CustomerID)

-        connector.ftp.protocol=sftp


-        connector.ftp.port=22

-        connector.ftp.userID={user_id}

-        connector.ftp.password={password}

-        Apply Changes


  1. 5.      Run the SF Competency Connector on the LMS to import the SF competencies (scheduled by LMS-CS/customer/Partner/CSM)

-        To run this connector, make sure to add ALL CONNECTOR role to the admin

-        Navigate to Connector->Competency Connector-SF

-        Schedule the job

-        Connector should run successfully


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