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2294220 - Admin Alerts: Invalid Legal Entity - PayGroup Association - Configuration Issue


Admin Alert tile will display an alert for "Invalid Legal Entity"  (please note that the below "Invalid Legal Entity" warning in Admin Alerts does not directly indicate this issue is caused by associations. This can also indicate genuine data inconsistencies) -:


When viewing the impacted record via the Admin Center tool "Employees Associated With Invalid HR Data" the system will display the following message -:

The selected record has the following invalid values.
Company: ACE USA(ACE_USA)(01/01/1980-12/31/9999) has invalid association with PayGroup



Employee Central 2.0

Reproducing the Issue

 When navigating to Admin Alerts and clicking on the "Invalid Legal Entity" text, the system will take you to the "Employees Associated With Invalid HR Data" and you may not see a list of invalid data as expected. The page could look something like this -:


When recovering aplication error logs, the log mentions the following exception -: SQLException thrown ORA-00904: "T3"."INTERNAL_CODE": invalid identifier





The field-criteria statement is missing from one of the Pay Group fields. The field "pay-group" can be found in both jobInfo and compInfo hris-elements.

Even if one or the other is disabled, if an association exists between the PayGroup (child) and LegalEntity (parent) objects, then the field-criteria must be included in the configuration, otherwise this will cause the resulting warnings and system error messages


Ensure that the field-criteria for both "pay-group" fields is maintained if an association from PayGroup to LegalEntity is maintained. Example -:

<hris-element id="jobInfo">
<label>Job Information</label>
<label xml:lang="en-GB">Job Information</label>
<hris-field id="pay-group" visibility="none">
<label>Pay Group</label>
<field-criteria destinationFieldValue="company" sourceFieldName="cust_toLegalEntity.internalId"/>


<hris-element id="compInfo">
<label>Job Information</label>
<label xml:lang="en-GB">Job Information</label>
<hris-field id="pay-group" visibility="both">
<label>Pay Group</label>
<field-criteria destinationFieldValue="" sourceFieldName="cust_toLegalEntity.internalId"/>

NOTE: If the field is missing in either hris-element, but the association is defined on the Object, you still need to add the field to the Succession Data Model with the field-criteria. There have been similar issues reported where the field is missing (for example) from jobInfo hris-element but is included in compInfo hris-element. The field should be included in both elements, with the field-criteria, even if the field is not used (visibility="none").

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