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2292981 - OData API: Learning Add Learning Event API FAQ


  • In release Q2 2016 There is a minor Learning enhancement for ODATA API: Add Learning Event (as a user / supervisor / admin).  Please review in Odata documentation: Limitations for Record Learning Event to Learning History Web Service Section. We have built the Record Learning Event to Learning History web service with some limitations which affect how you should build your web service client
Table 241: Limitations or Assumptions for Record Learning to Learning History

Limitation or Assumption


E-Signatures not supported

We do not support e-signatures because e-signatures have special identity verification rules that should be handled within SAP SuccessFactors Learning and not by an outside client.

Financial actions not supported

Financial actions (such as tallying the cost of an event and how it is distributed among the participants) is not supported. Use the record learning wizard (financial) in SAP SuccessFactors Learningadministration.

Updates to learning events not supported

If the web service client makes a mistake when recording the learning event, it can be corrected or deleted in SAP SuccessFactors Learning administration.

Users cannot record for scheduled offerings

If you call the web service as an administrator, you can record learning events based on a scheduled offering. If you call the web service as a user or supervisor, you cannot record learning based on the scheduled offering.

Array limiting

Each API call is an array of 10 users and their learning items that should be posted to SAP SuccessFactors Learning. If you pass more than 10 combinations of learning items and users in an array, the web service will not work synchronously and you can see performance degradation.

Call limiting

We do not support more than 100 calls a minute.


We do not support attachments.

Enumerated list discovery

We do not support the discovery of enumerated lists. For example, you cannot get a list of completion status values that are permitted when you post an event to SAP SuccessFactors Learning.

Event post permissions

The user role calling the web service must have permission, for the associated learning item, to post the results of a learning event.

  • You would like to know where to get information related and how to use the API


  • Learning Management System (LMS)


Review the following link in order to get information about LMS API:

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