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Recruiting Groups are used in the Requisition XML to restrict the users who can be picked from primary operator and recruiting team fields on a requisition, set up by the admin to be automatically added to recruiting team fields on a requisition, and may be used in the Candidate Profile XML to grant additional permissions to candidate profile data.

IMPORTANT: After b1608, any Group created under manage Recruiting Groups are public group and editable by any user who has the permission to Manage Recruiting Groups.


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  1. Grant access to the feature:
  • RBP: Admin Tools > Manage Permission Roles > select Role > Permission > Manage Recruiting > Manage Recruiting Groups
  • Non-RBP: Admin Tools > Manage Recruiting Administration > select a user or group of users and grant Manage Recruiting Group
  1. Set up groups accordingly.

Each group can include multiple People Pools. People Pools are defined by the filtering criteria they contain. For instance, a People Pool can include users where the Employee Profile contains a Department value of Sales and a Location value of San Francisco. Use one pool for AND conditions, such as all Sales employees who are also in a San Francisco location. Use multiple pools for broader OR conditions, such as including all Sales staff (one People Pool) OR staff located in the San Francisco location (additional People Pool).

 Note: If a Recruiting Group is created, it's the expected behavior the group only access Job Requistions which was created after the Recruiting Group is added in the operators fields. It will have no access for old Job Requisitions which are related to the JRDM.

How to Add or Edit a Recruiting Group?

  1. Navigate to Admin Tools
  2. Managing Recruiting
  3. Manage Recruiting Groups
  4. Select a group from the Choose a Group dropdown and click Edit. Alternatively, click Create to create a new group

Note: When creating a group and referencing the group with in the XML template you will need to ensure that the name of the group is configured the exact same, this includes any spacing after the group name.

recruiting groups 1.JPG

  1. In the group edit window, select your inclusion and exclusion categories per people pool.

recruiting groups 2.JPG


Note: Categories are defined in the succession data model XML in Provisioning. The field type to configure categories is filter-module.

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