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2291440 - Create a New E-Verify Activity - Onboarding


This article describes how to create a New E-Verify Activity

Reasons why a new E-Verify activity might be needed:

  • E-Verify activity was closed incorrectly by the hiring manager
  • E-Verify activity contains incorrect or missing data
  • Need to complete 3-day compliance for the candidate
  • New Hire did not receive Employment Authorized but E-Verify activity was closed
  • New Hire received TNC - E-Verify closed: The employee continues to work for the employer after choosing not to contest a Tentative Non-Confirmation.


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Before requesting a creation of new activity for E-Verify, see below scenarios. If it does not match your query, follow the template to contact support.

Scenario Resolution
E-Verify Activity Contains Incorrect or Missing Data See KBA 2244508 and follow the normal workflow on how to rectify candidate's I9 and start a new E-Verify activity.
E-Verify Correct Data Process is Deactivated Please contact support and manually correct the US I-9 form and upload it to candidate's data in Document Center.
DHS or SSA Requested to Close the Case

Please contact support to create a new activity.

After Onboarding Activity, No E-Verify Activity is Created Please contact support to create a new activity.
E-Verify Activity is Deleted by Hiring Manager or Assignee Please contact support to create a new activity.

If needed to contact support please open an incident providing the information below:

  • Company ID Support Username
  • Affected Hire/Candidate
  • Reason for Requesting a Creation of New E-Verify Activity


It is not recommended to manually create an E-Verify workflow directly in Process tab if the hire went through Onboarding process. Because The details of the candidate stored in the Onboarding will not be linked to the E-Verify activity.

For SAP SuccessFactors Cloud Product Support

Please use the instruction Internal memo on how to proceed.

See Also

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