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2284865 - Time Stamp Explained


  • What is a Time Stamp? Where do I find the Timestamp?
  • Why do I need to provide the TimeStamp to support?
  • Need to know my company id.
    What is my instance name?
  • Need to know what data centre I am on.
    How do I find out what server I am logging into when using the SuccessFactors application?
    Support needs to know the server we are logging into to resolve an issue
  • What release am I on? How do I know what version we are running?
    Support is asking what build we are on
    Support is asking for the UI Version we are using


  • BizX
  • BizX Platform


  • Release: Latest software release your instance is on.
  • Server:   This is the server that your application is on (this is important for support as Success Factors have many servers in the Data Centre)
  • Timestamp: This captures the time the error occurs, and allows support to quickly narrow down where the issue\error may lie.
  • Company ID: Your unique company id or instance name.
  • UI Version:   User Interface Version
  • Edition:  This is the Version of the Product which is Enterprise.
  • Admin version  Latest Version of Admin Tools.

    In any page in the system, scroll all the way down and click on the link shown in the screenshot below, Show Version Information.


    This is the window that has the server information






  • Data Centre
  • datacentre
  • timestamp
  • time stamp
  • server information
  • company id
  • release information
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