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2279870 - [Guide] The New Advanced Reporting UI (Realm) - How to request it ? How to Upgrade to realms? Implementation Process and Duration


What is the new Advanced Reporting UI?

The new Advanced Reporting UI (also called Realms), is a new Advanced Reporting tool for Employee Central Product only. This Reporting tool is required to build complex reports on EC data, especially if you need to report on MDF.

In the new UI, Our product team has simplified the Query designer tool but also addressed previous limitation reported by our customers.

You might want to move to the new UI for the following reasons:

- External name and External Code displayed from any picklist.

- Corporate and Country Specific data model fields are now included and reportable.

- Some tables as "MDF Position" table have been redesigned to fix synchronization issues or issues on report based on Historical data.

- Additional information can be found on SAP Marketplace. See document "OverviewOfChangeReporting"

How to request the new Advanced Reporting UI?

  1. Things to consider

You must have Employee Central product enabled before requesting the new Advanced Reporting UI.

The default Advanced Reporting implementation includes the Employee Central / Employee Profile and Role Based Permission.

If you are in the middle of an implementation, you should wait for the Employee Central implementation to be completed or at least to have all configuration done plus at least one record populated by a test user for each field you need to report on. This is very important to get a smooth Advanced Reporting implementation and to avoid further issues.

As the new Advanced Reporting UI has a different back end configuration, you can only transfer reports with the same Advanced Reporting Version. However, our engineers work on a tool to make the report migration possible but it will be only available in future release(s). Also, New Employee Central Standard template has been created for this new UI.

Customer Support doesn't implement the previous Advanced Reporting version since B1508 release.

Upgrade to the new Advanced Reporting is possible, please refer to the section Upgrade for more information.

Advanced reporting is a free Option IN (Free product).

  1. Implementation request

If you are working with an Implementation Partner, please contact the Partner and provide this Knowledge Base Article for more clarification. The partner should request the Advanced Reporting UI on your behalf.

If you have a Customer Support contract, Please request the new advanced Reporting UI to be implemented for your instance via the support portal

You need to provide the following information:

- Instance ID and Name?

- Datacenter location?

- What user is set up with Partner provisioning access?

- Do you have Employee Central Product enabled in your instance?

- Priority: As each new implementation, the priority should be Medium or Low. We will accept high priority only if you have an imminent Go-live or a valid business impact.

  1. Duration of the Implementation :

Please note that new Advanced Reporting UI is a complex implementation. For this reason, the implementation average is 3 weeks to be completed.

The Customer Support will update you on the 3 following steps required in your implementation:

- Create your initial Advanced Reporting Instance

- Request to our Operation team to configure the replication between your Employee Central product and the new Advanced Reporting UI.

- Refresh all data from BizX to your Advanced Reporting instance.

Once all completed, we will get back to you to confirm the data available in your instance and your data will be automatically synchronized.


How to upgrade to the new Advanced Reporting UI?

  1.  Before upgrading to the new Advanced Reporting UI please consider the following:

Warning: be aware the new Advanced Reporting UI has a different back end configuration and all existing reports will no longer be valid once migrated.

Once upgraded to the new UI, there is no possibility to revert the changes.

If you want your reports to be upgraded to realm, you need to engage Professional Services or to postpone your migration until our Engineering Team finishes to develop an internal tool to upgrade your Report. This tool is on our product team roadmap and will be available in a future release (No date official release date yet - please track the Release Notes for more information).

We strongly recommand to upgrade a TEST or a QA environment before to upgrade your LIVE (Production) environment unless you have no reports needed.

A downtime will apply (see implementation duration section) to report on Advanced Reporting data only.

The Upgrade to realm won't have any impact on :

- User access

- Role created

- Report build on Live or Learning data

- Menu. Note for menu, if your menu use Advanced Reporting Reports, you will need to consider to re-create the link with a valid Report.

- Report Distributor. Consider an issue if your report distributor is attached to a report that won't be compatible any longer due to the upgrade.

- Sharing Report.

  1. Upgrade to the new UI request

Please make sure that you have read the section above before to upgrade.

If you are in a cooperation with an Implementation Partner, please contact your Partner for this upgrade.

If you have a Customer Support contact, Please contact the customer support via the support portal The customer support will be only in charge to upgrade your instance to the new Advanced Reporting UI.

You need to provide the following information :

- Instance ID and Name?

- Datacenter location?

- What user is set up with Partner provisioning access?

- Please confirm that you agree for your reports to be no longer valid on the upgraded instance

  1. Duration of the Upgrade

Upgrade to the new Advanced Reporting UI is a quite complex and can take few weeks to be completed. This depends on the customer and resources available.

Please communicate with the customer support representatives via Support incidents.

Once completed, the new advanced Reporting UI will be available in online report designer under the option "Advanced Reporting".



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