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2278694 - Is it Possible to log in Directly to SAP Jam?


Is it possible to log in directly to SAP Jam?

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Reproducing the Issue

To access SAP Jam users log into SuccessFactors and then to SAP Jam.

These options allow users to log into SAP Jam in one step rather than two.


Yes, this is possible via Single sign-on and deep linking.

Deep linking occurs when a hypertext link points to a page on a Web site other than its home page that involves some navigation into the structure of the Web site. For SAP Jam Collaboration, deep linking is dependent on the single sign-on (SSO) configuration, which is typically done by Professional Services upon implementation. This can be, for example, a standard SAML 2.0-based single log on. If SSO is configured correctly, most SAP Jam URLs should take the user directly to the indicated SAP Jam page after a series of redirects from SAP Jam to the company IDP and back to SAP Jam.

1. SAP Jam handling of deep linking:

In normal SAP Jam usage, a user logs in and SAP Jam sets a cookie in the user's browser that indicates which company the user belongs to. When a user clicks on a deep link such as********, SAP Jam looks for that cookie, but it might not be found if:

  • The user is new to SAP Jam and hasn't logged in before.
  • The user's browser configuration is set to delete all cookies on shutdown.
  • The user has manually deleted the required cookie or all cookies from their browser.

So, when a user clicks a deep link for a page within SAP Jam, it looks for the cookie that identifies which company a user belongs to. One of two things happen:

  1. If SAP Jam finds the cookie: it will know which company the user belongs to and it will forward the user to their company-specific SSO page.
  1. If SAP Jam cannot find the cookie, it will do one of two things:
    • SAP Jam will determine which company the content belongs to by analyzing the URL. There are two possible actions:
      1. If the URL is to a private internal group, SAP Jam forwards the user to that company's SSO page.
      1. If the URL is to an external group, a challenge is encountered because internal users (company employees) and external users (guest members) are authenticated in different SSO log in pages. To deal with this, SAP Jam presents a screen to the user, asking them if they are an employee of the company or if they are a guest:
        • If they answer that they are an employee, they are forwarded to the employees' SSO log on page.
        • If they answer that they are a guest, they are forwarded to the guests' SSO log on page.
    • If SAP Jam finds one of the very few URLs that it cannot determine what company the user belongs to, such as happens if the link is to a user's home page (which is always something like, then there needs to have been extra information added to the URL to allow deep linking to work properly even in such a situation.

      Here is an example of how to build a deep link URL for SAP Jam:
          1. https://[]/c/[] where:
            • [] is your associated data center.
            • [] is the assigned SAP Jam domain, which can be located via the SAP Jam Admin Console > Compliance & Security > Security > System assigned domain field. 
          1. https://[]/auth/status?companyId=[CompanyID_here]&idp=[SuccessFactors_data_center_here] where:
            • [] is your associated data center.
            • [CompanyID_here] is your SuccessFactors Company ID (for example, ABCD0000XYZ).
            • [SuccessFactors_data_center_here] is your SuccessFactors Data Center URL (for example,


More details on Single Sign-On and deep linking in SAP Jam, please refer to SAP Jam Admin & User Guides:


2. Setting Start Page to SAP Jam via SuccessFactors:

If a user wants to bypass the SuccessFactors Home screen and be redirected to SAP Jam after logon, please follow these steps:

1. Log in to SuccessFactors

2. Click "Options" (drop down under your Username upper right corner):


3. Click Start Page (left menu)

4. Select "SAP Jam":

step 2.jpg

5.Click on "Save" button.

The next time the user logs into SuccessFactors, they will automatically be directed to SAP Jam.

3. Use a Custom Subdomain URL for SAP Jam:

If a user clicks on Custom Subdomain, the server will identify for which instance it is calling SAP Jam. Using new custom subdomain URL, system will directly take Users to required SAP Jam system.

To implement Custom Subdomain on your SAP Jam, please follow the KBA 2565665.

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