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2277853 - Pending Hires screen showing blank values for all the columns


Manage Pending Hires screen not showing any value under Name, Hire Date, Job Title, Pay Grade, Location, Division and Department columns.


SAP SuccessFactors Recruiting Management(RCM)

Reproducing the Issue

  1. Create an Offer Approval for candidate.
  2. Move the candidate to "Ready to Hire" status with hireable option set as "Hireable".
  3. Now go to the the Manage Pending Hires screen to check the candidate details.
  4. You will notice all the columns are blank.


This kind of issue basically occurs if the fields are not defined properly in Requisition, Offer Approval and Candidate to Employee Integration template.


1. Define the standard field "jobStartDate", "title", "jobGrade", "location", "division" and "department" in Requisition template.
2. Refer/define the same fields "jobStartDate", "jobGrade" and "location" in Offer Approval template as well.
2. Define "firstName" and "lastName" in Application template and refer the same in Offer Approval template.
3. Do the mapping for all these fields in "Candidate to Employee Integration" template.

Below is the mapping that needs to be done in "Candidate to Employee Integration" template.

<source refid="firstName" entity-type="application"/>
<target refid="personalInfo.first-name"/>
<source refid="lastName" entity-type="application"/>
<target refid="personalInfo.last-name"/>
<source refid="jobStartDate" entity-type="jobrequisition"/>
<target refid="employmentInfo.start-date"/>
<source refid="jobGrade" entity-type="jobrequisition"/>
<target refid=""/>
<source refid="title" entity-type="jobrequisition"/>
<target refid="jobInfo.job-title"/>
<source refid="department" entity-type="jobrequisition"/>
<target refid="jobInfo.department"/>
<source refid="division" entity-type="jobrequisition"/>
<target refid="jobInfo.division"/>
<source refid="location" entity-type="jobrequisition"/>
<target refid="jobInfo.location"/>

4. Once all the mapping is done create a new Offer Approval for the candidate and move the candidate to "Ready to Hire" status again. Changes will not take place retroactively. All the affected candidates again need to go through the Offer Approval step.

5. Check the candidate again. After doing the above configuration all the columns are properly showing the values.

Note: Mapping in "Candidate to Employee Integration" is only required to show the value in the EC portlet.This portlet appears once you click on the "Hire" button on pending hires screen. For the safer side its always recommendable to do mapping in this template as well otherwise it can lead to script error.

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