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2277515 - How to create cascading picklists in MDF


  • Cascading picklists in MDF
  • Creating parent-child relationship in MDF picklists


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Suppose we have three picklists with cascading relationship : Country, State and City. State can be derived from Country i.e Country is acting as the parent of State and similarly City is derived from State i.e State is the parent of City.

To create picklists in MDF, please navigate to Admin Center > Configure Object Definitions >Create Picklist.

For setting up cascading picklists in MDF, you must follow these steps :-

1) Country Picklist :-

Picklist - 1.JPG

2) State Picklist ( parentPickList field value has been selected as Country and parentPicklistValue column has been derived from the values for Country picklist ) :-

picklist - 2.JPG

3) City Picklist ( parentPickList field value has been selected as State and parentPickListValue column has been derived from the values for State picklist ) :-

picklist - 3.JPG

 4) Now, create a generic object to cascade these picklist. For eg. "cust_cascadingPicklistMDF".

obj def.JPG

5) Now, field criteria has to be added to get cascading property. Country is the top-level picklist which has no parent so for this picklist, you don't need to define field criteria.

field - 1.JPG

6) In Source Field Name, write "parentPickListValue" which is a column in the picklist definition and in Destination Field Value, write the field name from the object definition itself which you want to use as parent.

field - 2.JPG

field - 3.JPG

7) Manage Data page for the object "cust_cascadingPicklistMDF".



8) Check Country dropdown and select Country as "USA".


9) Check State dropdown. Only those states related to USA are shown in the dropdown.


10) Now, select any state from the State dropdown say California (CA) and check for the City dropdown. Only those cities related to California are shown in the City dropdown.


11) Final UI screen of the object.


The cascasding feature of the picklist is implemented using Field Criteria. Please make sure that it is correctly defined in the object at field-level.


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