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Currently it is not possible (nor planned) to be able to report on Employee central Workflow transactions via Ad Hoc Reporting.

Currently it is possible to report on Workflow transactions raised in the system, via the Employee Central Advanced Reporting feature (which is part of the ODS / Online Report Designer module).


  • SAP SuccessFactors HCM Suite
  • SAP SuccessFactors Workforce Analytics
  • Report Canvas on Advanced reporting Query


With b1602 there have been updates to reporting on EC Workflows. As of b1602 there are a total of 4 separate Advanced Reports that can be run to report on Workflows -:

  1. Open Workflow Requests: Updated in b1602 (ECT-44984) – lists all still pending workflow requests that need to be approved (status of pending). Has been enhanced to show current approver also in cases of positions and dynamic groups.
  2. Workflow Request Analysis: – lists all employees who have made a workflow request either by themselves or on behalf of another employee.
  3. Workflow Audit Statistics: – lists the total number of workflow requests for certain events together with the status of the workflow.
  4. Workflow Processing Time Statistics: New in b1602 (ECT-47150) – lists the processing time of workflow requests for certain events. Can be used to optimize the processing time of a company’s processes. 


Open Workflow Requests report

The previous version of the report "Open Workflow Requests" reports four different names:

  1. The employee for whom the workflow request was created,
  2. The employee which created the workflow request,
  3. The last modifier of the workflow request and
  4. The owner/processor of the workflow step.

Now, in b1602 the report provides all approvers, also when the workflow configuration is more complex, i.e. the approver type is (1) Role, (2) Dynamic Role, (3) Dynamic Group, (4) Position or (5) Position Relationship. In case of (2) Dynamic Role, it's required to consider the different resolver types as “Dynamic Group”, “Person” and “Position”.

Furthermore, the following further enhancements were done to this report in b1602:

  1. The last approver and the respective approval date is reported;
  2. The Total number of workflow steps is reported
  3. The number “Stalled For Days” is reported (this number is also shown on the UI “Manage Workflow Requests”)

Example :



Workflow Processing Time Statistics

The report “Workflow Processing Time Statistics” provides the processing times of the different workflow requests steps:

  • For example, a 3-step approval process where each step is completed by the various processors within 2 days, would be reported with 3 records with each 2 days, i.e. the time span between first appearance in the approvers’ worklist until processing of the wf request.
  • Each record provides detailed information e.g. workflow step processing date, previous processing date and the respective approver. A number of different filters can be applied to the report, e.g. to filter for specific approvers, request types and workflow status (both, overall wf status and wf step status).
  • A second page of the report is provided with a statistical evaluation of the average processing times separated by request type and approver.

Example - Page 1 :


Example - Page 2 :



Please note that you will need to have the Advanced Reporting feature enabled to be able to utilize these reports. Currently Ad Hoc Reporting does not cover these areas.

If you would like to enable Advanced Reporting for your instances, please open an incident with the SAP SuccessFactors Analytics & Reporting Product Support team. Please also note that if you have the Advanced Reporting feature already enabled, then you can upload the standard reports on the instance.

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