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2273586 - How to update message in the panel through localization file


  • I want to change the message in the panel displayed to the manager / new hire
  • I want to remove the message in a particular panel
  • I'm not able to change the locale of the welcome link


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The message displayed in the panel is taken from the localization resource file. So modify the message, the localization resource file should be updated.


Prerequsite : Access to Super admin site

  1. In the admin site , see whether you have Debug extended locale (Admin site -> Locales). If you do not have this locale, please reach to the support team to add this locale
  2. If you have debug extended  locale already available in super admin, then you can switch to Debug extended locale
  3. If you login through BizX, then click on the drop down near your name. Choose Options in the drop down
  4. Click on Change language and change the locale.
  5. If you directly login to Onboarding then Go to Profile tab and change the locale.
  6. Change your locale to Debug Extended Locale (make note of the current locale)
  7. Your screen will have lot of keys. It is expected behavior.
  8. Process one candidate. When you come to the panel where you want to change the text, please make note of the Keys (Example: L:lblManagerTurn2.Text;XpressHR.UserControls.App_LocalResources.ApplicantSignForms.DBG2.ascx.resources)
  9. Here L represent Local and G represents Global. Next is the key (lblManagerTurn2.Text). Then is the path (XpressHR.UserControls.App_LocalResources.ApplicantSignForms.DBG2.ascx.resources)
  10. To change the locale of the link in the welcome letter: Click on the link and it will open in the browser. This link will end with account information. After this account information you have to add &Locale=DBG2.
    •<Unique ID>&Account=<Company id>&Locale=DBG2
  11. Now Go to Super administrator site -> Import/Export Setting -> LocalizationResource
  12. Click on LocalizationResource
  13. Select Export and submit
  14. KBA-Localization.png


11. Open the xml file in a XML editor

12. Find the key (lblManagerTurn2.Text) in the XML / If the key is not available the nadd the key, path and the value.

13. Change the message and save the file

14. Now Go to Super administrator site -> Import/Export Setting -> LocalizationResource and import the file


16. Now go to the application -> My profile and change the locale to the default one

17. Run the test and confirm the updated message


NOTE: Please ensure to delete the DBG2 from the Path in the XML file, or Change it to Locale the file is being altered for e.g. en-US


  • After Changes





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