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2262369 - Time Off: Period-End Process (PEP) Calendar Job Failed - Possible Causes


Period-End Process (PEP) calendar job failed


  • Employee Central 2.0
  • Time Off

Reproducing the Issue

Navigate to Admin Center --> Manage Time Off Calendars --> Run the Period-End Process (PEP).

Go to Provisioning (or Admin Center) > Monitor Jobs --> Check the status ---> Its "Failed" or "Completed" but with errors


Possible causes

  1. Pending leave request
  2. No Follow up account
  3. Terminated users  
  4. Users do not have mandatory fields filled in employee time object. 
  5. Wrong posting date
  6. User do not have proper job history record


1. Pending leave request

ERROR: You cant close the account because it contains employee times with status Pending.

Check whether any users related to this time account type has any pending leave request.If so ,approve the leave request and run the calendar again.System will not process PEP if a user has a pending request.


2. No Follow up account

ERROR:Parent cannot be null for creating new child!

Check whether the pep rule is creating a new time account detail.If so ,the users should have a follow up account.


We are running a pep for 2016 account and planning to carry forward remaining balance to 2017.During PEP run, system will try to carry forward the balance and will throw an error if that user do not have a 2017 account.Always create follow up account  prior to running pep calendar

To create a new account Navigate to Manage time off calendar--->Account creation---->create a new 2017 account for respective time account type


3. Terminated users 

Based on the rule system will try to carry forward balance for all users.Hence it considers terminated users too,but they will not have a follow up account and pep fails.In this scenario,modify the rule in such a way that system will not carry forward balances for a user who do not have a follow up account

We can use an 'if else" condition for this.

  • IF {the user do not have a follow up account close the current account and do not carry forward}
  • ELSE {Close and carry forward}

Here is an example :

Logic :System will close the current account after setting the balance to Zero If a user do not have a follow up account.



4. Users  do not have mandatory fields filled in employee time object. 

For example: Some users may not have attachment field  filled in employee time object though its mandatory.In this case PEP run will fail without any error logs,but simulation will be successful.Check the reference section for detailed solution


5. Wrong posting date


Check the posting date configuration inside the create .New Account.Time Account Details section in the PEP rule.Refer KBA 2420537 for more details.

6.User do not have proper job history record

Some user's considered for the PEP run do not have any job history record. Check KBA 2584231 for more details


Q1: 100 employees are eligible for a PEP run.Getting error for 20 employees.Will this affect PEP posting for remaining 80 employees.
A1: PEP will get successfully executed for all the employees who do not have any error and will fail for the rest of the employees.Identified a bug which is being worked by engineering.PEP is failing for all user's in a specific scenario(Check point 6 in possible causes section)

Q2: How to execute PEP for employees who has error
A2: Correct the data as per the error logs.Create a new PEP calendar.Simulate and check the results.Run the calendar once you are ok with the simulation results

Q3: Running PEP for second time- Will this results in duplicate posting ?
A3: Running PEP again on an account will not post duplicate balances. It will skip all the accounts considered during the first run.
Always try to simulate the calendar first. Simulation is just a trial run. Log files will show you the actual balances that will be posted after the run.

Q4:Can i run PEP any time.
A4: No, we cannot run PEP any time. You cannot do a PEP run  for an ongoing account. Bookable untill date for that time account type  must be in past.

For example:
A Time Account with start date 01/01/2016 and bookable end date 31/03/2017. You cannot run PEP for this account before 31/03/2017.

Q5:Can i simulate PEP any time.
A5:Yes, we can simulate PEP any time.


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