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  1. XML changes supported by Partners and/or  Professional Services Team?
  2. XML changes supported by Cloud Product Support?


  • SAP SuccessFactors Recruiting Management


  1. XML Changes supported by Partners and Professional Services Team:

In general all custom xml changes that you cannot complete via Admin Tools, are delivered via paid Professional Services Team our extensive global Partner network.

Professional Services Team/Partners are engaged when you have a change that is:

  1. Creating something new
  2. a change to existing logic, permissions, fields etc. in existing process or program
  3. adding functionality that was not previously part of your program/process
  4. optional changes that a customer does not need, but desires
  5. multiple changes to multiple templates and programs
  6. Program integrations
  7. new go live implementations

Please see some examples below:

Partners/PS/Consultants can deliver the following types of changes:

    • All XML level changes system wide in all modules
    • Creating New Job Requisitions or Application
    • Creating or editing requisitions not supported via admin tools
    • evaluating current programs for design optimization
    • Creation of new workflows and the associated user permissions within forms and programs not supported via admin tools
    • Multistage application
    • Team Recruiting
    • Adding or removing new status' and the permissions required to make these work 
    • Setup Headers and Footers for requisitions
    • Adding Unique Identifier to Candidate Profile to enable Candidate to Employee Conversion 
    • Adding new fields as TOKENS to your programs.
    • Read/Write Permissions in CPT, if the permissions block is defined for “*”
    • 3 tier custom language changes and translation work--> This feature is now available in Admin Centre --> manage Languages, see KBA: 2576546 - Working with Manage Language Feature - Platform
    • EC Integrations
    • SAP Integrations
    • Standard Assessment/ Background integration
    • New Offer Approval
  • Enabling SMS

Please reach out to the Partners today to engage with an expert: Steps to engage a partner directly -->

  • Visit our Partner Listings page
  • Click the "SAP Services Partners" Sub Tab
  • From the list, click on the Partner name you want to work with to be taken to their site.
  • Partners can provide quotes and estimates based on your needs.
  • Note! Do not call the SAP 800 number as that will just direct you back to support.
  • See KBA for more information  2116056 - Partner Support - Resources & Tools 

Please note that each partner may determine the types of services they offer for customers. Pricing can vary between partners. There are a number of partners that are happy to perform the types of changes listed here.

To reach out SAP Professional Services team, please contact your Customer Success Manager (CSM) / Customer Engagement Executive (CEE) / your Sales Representative or Sales Account Manager for further information.

2. XML Changes supported by Cloud Product Support via SCR (Software Change Request), if the customer does not have Manage Templates enabled in Admin Center.

Note: All these changes can be done via Admin Center --> Manage Templates

To enable Manage Templates feature refer to the KBA 2157630 - Enabling Manage Templates in Recruiting.

Please verify if the customer is using single or multi-stage environment. In case the customer has multi-stage environment, due to the big number of changes to be performed across different XML templates and the sort of interaction it is required to have with the customer, Cloud Product Support is not allowed to perform any of the changes mentioned below.


  Table of Changes Supported Via Cloud Product Support SCR Process

Label changes 

Labels can be modified via Manage templates, please see the path: Admin Centre --> Manage Templates. For more information or how to make this changes, please see KBA:

2644129 - Changing labels on the templates via Manage Templates Feature

sm-mapping updates

Add field to the sm-mapping section already existing in the Candidate Profile and the Employee Profile (make sure that the field has the same field type). All these sm-mapping changes can be done via Manage templates, please see kba below :

2644262 - Modifying sm-mapping fields via Manage Templates Feature

Updating search display options

Update to existing section, adding fields to be displayed on Candidate Search results screen is now available in Manage templates. Please notice that the if you use a custom field, it must be made reportable in Provisioning and successfully synchronized; otherwise the display option content appears blank. For more information, see the steps in kba below:

2644434 - Updating Search Display option using Manage Templates Feature

Forward candidates with Data Intact

Manage template will provide the ability to update existing fields with the option to keep data intact when candidates have been forwarded to a job requisition. This changes are made under Manage template à Application template as forward-intact=” true”. For more information, please see kba:

2644399 - Making a field Forward candidates with Data Intact through Manage Templates Feature

Mobile configuration for Job Requisition fields

It is possible to Add / Remove mobile fields defined via Manage template. Please notice that there is a limited of 50 field id’ that  can be defined in this section. For more information, please see kba below:

2644478 - Adding / Removing Mobile fields via Manage Templates Feature

Updating Candidate Summary Display Options

Updating Candidate Summary Display options is now available via Manage templates, please see the KBA below:

2644290 - Updating Candidate Summary Display option via Manage Templates Feature

For more information, please see the RCM implementation Guide section:

10.6.5 Configuring the Candidate Summary display options using Manage templates.

Implementation Guide:

Modifying permissions for already existing field definitions

Modifying permissions for already existing field definitions (these applies for Job Requisition, Application and Candidate Profile Template) is now available in Admin centreà Manage templates. See kba below:

2644504 - Updating permissions via Manage Templates Feature

For permission changes in the application, please verify, if the customer is using single- or multi-stage environment!

Editing instruction text

Changing the instruction text for any of template available (such as :Job requisition, Application, Candidate Profile) is also available in Admin centreà Manage templatesà Edit the label for "instruction" field types in the Job Requisition template or Application template or for the Candidate Profile (the instruction-header or instruction-footer elements). For more information, please see kba below:

2644612 - Updating Instruction text in templates through Manage Templates Feature

Update permissions for Employee referral in RCM.

Employee Referral Payout amount must be configured in the job requisition. Employee Referral Payout is a currency field. If currency is not configured on the job requisition, you must add it. If it is only declared, only the erpAmount is required. XML information for both is required. Permission this field in addition to declaring it in the Job Requisition XML. Including this XML declaration for erpAmount  and grant permissions can now be done via Manage Templates in Admin Centre.

For more information, please see KBA below:

2644733 - Update permissions for Employee Referral via Manage Templates Feature

Enabling / modifying Interview Central or Interview Scheduling access

Adding / modifying feature permission to the Interviewing features: Interview Central and Interview Scheduling are now available under Manage templates. With these changes a customer can grant permissions to the appropriate operators in the desired statuses. In order to access to these permissions, please see kba below:

2644576 - Modifying Interview Central or Interview Scheduling access via Manage Templates Feature

Limiting the available users in the Operator field types (Recruiting Groups)

An operator and operatorTeam field types: the client may not want to allow recruiting users to select from any active BizX user. By specifying a group-name attribute, you limiting the available users in this field to only users defined in this Recruiting Group. These changes are now available under Admin centreà Manage templates. The group-name attribute is an optional attribute and is only supported on fields that are type="operator" or type="operatorTeam". Add the attribute group-name="X" to the operator field definition in the Job Requisition Template, where X is the name of the Recruiting Group created by the customer in Admin Centre.

For more information, please see the kba below:

2644604 - Limiting the available users in the Operator field types (Recruiting Groups) via Manage Templates Feature

Change the required field type

Changing a field from mandatory to optional or making a field mandatory to fill before saving changes. These changes can be done in the User Interface via Manage Template in Admin Centre. See KBA below:

2644556 - Making a field mandatory via Manage Templates Feature


The Application XML contains an override element allowing the system to alter the attributes on the field definitions. These alterations can be based on the candidate type and the country of the requisition to which the applicant has applied.

This changes can now be done via Manage Templates feature in Admin Centre.  For more information where to make this changes, please see KBA below:

2644550 - Updating an override field in the application XML via Manage Template Feature

Make a field reportable

Make a field reportable, the field id have to be configured in the xml.

Once this field is added to the xml template, then an incident will need to be created, "only" if a customer does not have a partner.

Create a custom token

In order to make a custom token , the field id definition should be created beforehand in the xml template.

Once this first steps is completed, then an incident can be created, "only" if a customer does not have a partner

2436541 - How to create Custom Tokens for Custom and Standard Fields

Upon completion of the requested configuration changes, we require that you thoroughly test to ensure that the content has been coded to specifications and all functionality behaves accordingly and to expectations including all the way to printing and reporting if applicable. Only you the customer will ever know if something is wrong, as what is right for 1 customer can be wrong for another. Every option we have is right for someone, and is why we simply would not know what was "right or wrong" for you. Only you the customer can determine that for your program.


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