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2252674 - Variable Pay Live Analytics


The reason this tool was created was to facilitate bonus calculations and breakdown of the pay components.
The Live Analytics aka Widget Landing page will add a new widget page to variable pay that displays employee bonus
summary information in a stacked chart with capabilities to drill into additional plan details by employee as well as
navigate back to the form itself.

This feature can be enabled in the user interface by checking the "Enable Live Analytics" option under Plan Setup -> Options.  This feature will work immediately
in executive review and all created forms. Here's a screenshot of the option:


This can also be modified in the xml.  You can open the xml template or in provisioning and add text below:

    <widget-landing-page enabled="true" />

Live Analytics

With the feature turned on, you can visit the new page in either Manager Form or Executive Review immediately after you saved the above configuration.

1. Manager Form

The page will look like this:


The widget page consists of 3 major areas: Budget Allocation, Individual Bonus Allocation, and employee details.  By the default, the employee details are invisible until you click one of the employees
in the chart.

1.1 Budget Allocation
This part is collapsible with a bar chart.  Each budget type has 2 bars, one for budget amount, another for allocated budget (the amount over budget amount will be rendered in red).
Click the arrow you could collapse/expand the chart.  By default, it's expanded.  Hover your mouse over budget bar, a tooltip will be displayed with details for that budget type.

1.2 Individual Bonus Allocation
There are three major components in this part.

1.2.1 View Full Details
This will lead you back to the tabular layout of current view, either for manager form or executive review.  As this Live Analytics is ready only for variable pay data except for employee comments,
you will need to navitate to the tabular page for any data changes.

1.2.2 Control Box
You could change the entries listed in the employee chart here.  With any changes to these items, only the chart will be updated, the whole page will not be refreshed.

1.2.3 Employee Bonus Allocation Chart
This chart is presenting the employee's data in current view in a visual way.  The gray outter box stands for the target amount for this employee.  Depends on which formula is chosen for
current variable pay program, you will be able to see Business/Individual/Team payout amounts.  The color could be customized in program XML please open a CCOR if this is desired.

Hover mouse over an employee, a tooltip will appear to show target amount, final amount, and business/team/individual payout depends on the formula type.
Click on the employee's column, and employee details panel will be shown on the right of the window.

1.3 Employee Details
This panel shows the personal information and bonus payout detail for a selected employee.  It could be closed by clicking the arrow icon on its left.

1.3.1 Employee Info
You can find the employee name, picutre, title, and some of hte matrix fields in this area.  Also, you could view and edit comments for this employee.  The save action will not refresh the page.
Currently the fields displayed in this part could not be configured. We may support this feature in the future so stay tuned in customer community.

1.3.2 Employee Payout Info

Total Payout amount and target payout amount
View employee's detail

This link will also navigate you back to the tabular page, but will automatically go to the same page according to your selected sorting/pagination rules and open the details section
for this employee.  For example, you chose sorting by name in ascending, page size is 10, current page is 2.  When it leads you back to tabular page, you will see the employees
also sorted in this way, and you are viewing second page with 10 people per page. 

Payout info for each bonus plan
In a bonus plan info header, you will see some basic information like name, period, and some payout information like proration, target amount, payout amoutn, and payout
percentage.  Also, there is a chart showing this payout/target.  It shows in red when payout exceeded target.

Click the triangle icon, you could expand detailed information for this bonus plan.  Depends on the formula configured, you could see business/team/individual payout
details  For non-ABR in overall/calculated rating, a performance management form name will be shown in the color box.  For non-ABR by performance section or ABR, goals from
linked Performance Management form will be displayed.

There will also be a pie chart showing the proportion for these involved sections (business/team/individual).

2. Executive Review
Most things in executive review are the same with what you see in manager form.  But for a compensation filter will make things show different.  You will need to manually need to edit xml
so that it's available in executive review.  A configuration change request should be open. 

Support/Partner only: You will need to manually add configuration to the variable pay program:
 <widget-landing-page enabled="true" enabled-for-exec-review="true" />

The compensation filter works the same with the in tabular page.  Any changes made in Live Analytics page, you will see the same when you navigate to tabular page.  The compensation filter update needs to refresh the page.

3. Individual View
In Individual view, you will not see budget, search user, sorting, pagination, and comments.  The page will look like it looks below:  All left functions will work the same as in the manager form.


The currency rules will still work that you can see either functional currency or employee local currency according to your configuration.


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