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2250005 - Error Message: Doc. Item /: The line Item Currency Could not be Derived


You have run the revenue recognition for the sales order in question and you see the run got generated with errors.

Doc. item /: The line item currency could not be derived

Reproducing the Issue

  1. Go to Cost and Revenue work center.
  2. Go to Periodic Tasks view.
  3. Select Revenue Recognition subview.
  4. Click on the Revenue Recognition ID you need.
  5. Go to tab Messages.
  6. You can see the error message: Doc. item /: The line item currency could not be derived.
  7. Go to tab Processed with Errors, search for Sales Docuemnt Item ID XYZ-10.
  8. Click on the ID XYZ-10.
  9. Press button View All of the Sales ID number.
  10. Go to tab Items.
  11. Here we can see the sales order items are cancelled.


The root cause is due to both(or all) sales order items are cancelled and hence, there is no cost/revenue has been incurred.

The system is considering the cancellation date which is greater than the posting and it tries to derive the line item from the sales order but which is already cancelled and hence, receiving an error message.


If the sales order item is cancelled on 05.01.2016.

When we try to run the Revenue Recognition for period 002 i.e., February and system considers the posting date as 31.01.2016, which is greater than the posting date 05.01.2016.


You need to set an indicator Revenue Fully Recognized flag for the sales order items by executing a Revenue Recognition run.

  1. Go to Cost and Revenue Work Center.
  2. Go to Sales Document Items View.
  3. Search for the sales order in question.
  4. Select the sales order line item.
  5. Click Reassign Accrual Method and change the accrual method to Continue to Defer (this will reset the Revenue Fully Recognized flag).
  6. Click Reassign Accrual method again and Assign an accrual method of your choice.

Some sales document items may require that you manually decide when to recognize revenue so this is the reason it will help in resetting the revenue fully recognized indicator.


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