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2249298 - Item connector error :java.sql.SQLException: ORA01403:no data found ORA06512:at "<Tenant id>_STAGE_TMS.PT_BIU_CPNT_USER", line 7- LMS


1) This exception will comes in the connector report, as a Java error trace.

2) Due to this error some or all of the records will be rejected by Connector.

3) The complete error is attached here as an attachment here with, snippet of the same can seen below :





Entity invalid.Component:COURSE|752|20151102
12:00:00.0, Column: 30, Value: 8
java.sql.SQLException: ORA01403:no data found ORA06512:at "Support02_STAGE_TMS.PT_BIU_CPNT_USER", line 7
ORA04088:Error during execution of trigger 'Support02_STAGE_TMS.PT_BIU_CPNT_USER'


Note- This error will not cause the whole connector to fail but affect only the records to be created.
      Support02 in the error will be replaced by the tenant id of the customer instance in the real life scenario.


This issue is not specific to any particular environment.

Reproducing the Issue

Error occurs when the item connector run, and we can see some records are rejected int the connector run details.

Check the detailed connector run report, if we see the error similar to the error trace attached and stated herewith.


If we see the starting lines of the error for one of the item record-  it reports the following : Entity invalid.Component:COURSE|752|20151102
12:00:00.0, Column: 30, Value: 8;

Here the column mentioned here, is the custom column which is populated in the file and the value is the value which gave to item.

This error indicates that the file contains a custom column and the value for the same which is not existing in the application, thus for this specific error custom column with ID 30 is expected in the system but, it is not there and hence the error.

Note - If the in the exception list the coloumn number is 30 then it translates or indicating to the custom column 3 in the file or the column with header - COL_NUM3_VAL.


Create an Item Custom Column with ID mentioned in the error, so in this particular case you need to create the custom column with ID 30 in the item custom column section.



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