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2244508 - How To - Correct US I-9 Through E-Verify Correct Data - Onboarding [E-Verify]


This article provides information on how to use E-Verify Correct Data to rectify the hire or candidates US I-9 form.


  • SAP SuccessFactors Onboarding
  • Department of Homeland Security and USCIS: E-Verify


How To


The 'E-Verify Correct Data' activity will only be created if an E-Verify case is resolved as incorrect data. Follow the steps below.

  1. Open an active E-Verify Activity, a panel will show if you would like to upload the documet submitted by the candidate. After the upload panel, it would now show the initial verification panel.
  2. Click the 'Submit Initial Verification' to check with E-Verify system the status of the candidate if the hire is authorized to work in USA.


  3. A new panel will show with the result from E-Verify system. If the Initial Eligibility is equals to Case Incomplete or Hiring Manager would like to make a correction, click the button 'Resolve Case'.


  4. If the employee is currently employed, select the radio button equals to 'Yes' and select the option 'The case is invalid because the data entered is incorrect.'

    Click the 'Submit Resolve Case' to generate the 'E-Verify Correct Data' activity.



  5. An E-Verify Correct Data activity is created and will be available to the work queue of the assignee.


  6. Take and process the E-verify Correct Data activity and proceed with the steps to correct the information of the candidate.


    Assignee needs to complete all the panels starting from the New Hire Set-up Information, US-I9, and correct all applicable data of the candidate.


    Once the US-I9 is signed, assignee will now submit the documents to generate an E-Verify Activity to start the eligibility verification.



  • If data in US Form I-9 section 1 has been changed, the process will make the new hire sign the created US I-9.
  • If data in US Form I-9 section 2 has been changed, the process will make the Corporate Representative/Assignee sign the US I-9.
  • If data in both section in US Form I-9 has been changed, the process will make the new hire and Corporate Representative/Assignee sign their respective sections.
  • Once the E-Verify Correct Data activity is complete an new E-Verify will be created.
  • If no E-Verify Correct Data is created, please reach-out to SAP SuccessFactors Cloud Product Support via SAP One Support Launchpad to investigate the cause and re-run the activity. 


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