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2241371 - Multiple Level of Hierarchy Cannot be Created at The Same Time During Migration of Installation Points


Multiple Level of Hierarchy Cannot be Created at The Same Time During Migration of Installation Points.

Reproducing the Issue

  1. Go to Business Configuration Work center
  2. Select the Implementation Projects View
  3. Open Activity List
  4. Navigate to Integrate and Extend Tab
  5. Open the Actvity Migration of Installation Points
  6. Enter the details and Execute the Migration
  7. Go to Installed Base workcenter view
  8. Open the ID for which you performed Migration
  9. Go to Items Tab
  10. You can notice that the Child item gets created before Parent is created


Multiple levels of hierarchy cannot be created at the same time, which is an expected system behavior.


Users have to create all the items of hierarchy level 1. Then create the level below it giving the IDs of hierarchy level 1 as parent and so on.This is because of parallelization i.e., the system creates multiple Installation Points at the same time . If the excel has installation points of multiple hierarchies then it’s possible that the child gets created before the parent and hence the relationship cannot be maintained.

In order to control this and reduce the number of times we execute migration template to create hierarchies (which might have more than 2 or 3 levels), we can follow the below approach.

  1. Create all installation points in the same level ( level 1 ) using the migration mode “Add new records”.
  2. Leave the parent installation point field in the template blank
  3. Depending on the installation point type, different data has to be maintained
  4. Execute migration
  5. All the installation points will be created in the same level in the Items tab in Installed Base
  6. Take the same file which has been used for upload, copy it to create a new file. Choose migration mode as “Replace already existing records”
  7. Keep all the data same as before, don’t modify any data. Add the data in the column “Parent Installation Point ID” as per hierarchy requirement.
  8. Execute migration. Migration will be completed successfully.
  9. Item hierarchy will be created as per the data maintained in the input file.

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