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2232458 - How to retrieve the server info for an Agency portal


When troubleshooting problems in an Agency Portal for RCM it is often requested in JIRA to have the server and the timestamp.

The problem is that for the Agency Portal there is no link to click to get the server info. Gathering server information is though still possible.


How to retrieve the timestamp

In order to get the timestamp for a troubleshooting session in the Agency Portal it is possible to retrieve the timestamp for the corresponding datacenter

  1. 1. go to the login page of the same datacenter of the agency
  2. 2. get the timestamp:


  1. 3. Please note that the Server (in the above screenshot is "133dc12bizxcfapp07" is NOT the server for the agency!


Using Internet Explorer 11

  1. 1.Go to the login page for the agency portal 
  2. 2.Click F12 to open the Developer tools
  3. 3. Click F5 to start capturing network traffic


  1. 4. Refresh the page 
  2. 5. Click on Details
  3. 6. Click on Cookies


Using Firefox

  1. 1. Install FireBug plugin for Firefox
  2. 2. Go to the login page for the agency portal 
  3. 3. Click F12 to open the FireBug
  4. 4. Click on Cookies:



Using Chrome

  1. 1. Install Cookies Inspector add on for Chrome
  2. 2. Go to the login page for the agency portal 
  3. 3. Click F12 to open the Developer Tool
  4. 4. Click on Cookies




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