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2230279 - Issue with date format for 'Last Review Date' field


  • The date format does not show in correct format as per other date fields on the instance.
  • The 'Last Review date' shows as exactly the same string as it is imported ,instead of changing the same to the format as per the locale.
  • The 'Last Review Date' Field Value is not localized


  • Success Factors - Employee Profile

Reproducing the Issue

  1. Navigate to Employee Profile
  2. Notice the portlet having 'Last Review Date ' field .
  3. Refer the below screenshot of a portlet as an example with 2 date fields,so as to compare the import formats for the 2 fields and the format that shows on the instance.


  1. If we check the User Data File that was imported :




  • we can see in above screenshot 'Last Review Date' Field Value did not get localized while as per the locale the format for 'Hire Date' got changed to dd/mm/yyyy .
  • So 07/01/2014 should read as 01/07/2014 after importing .
  • We can see in above screenshots , the format of date on the instance is different for both the date fields .


  • By default, our system reads all import files with US date format: mm/dd/yyyy.
  • However , the format changes as per the locale that has been selected, but for 'Last Review date' this format doesn't get localised .
  • LastReviewDate is fetched as a String, meaning that user could have entered anything into this field to represent a date (23/02/2008, 02/23/08, 23/02/2008, 02-23-2008...etc)



  • It's not just a matter of changing the LastReviewDate field to be of type Date and then localizing it, because of all the legacy data that's already being uploaded by our customers.
  • Currently customers enter LastReviewDate as a String, meaning that they could have entered anything into this field to represent a date (23/02/2008, 02/23/08, 23/02/2008, 02-23-2008...etc)....and Java has no way of determining the difference between 02/01/08 and 01/02/08, its just not possible to determine what format has being used here. We cannot change this on the UI because we don't know what locale was used in the user import file.
  • We could assume that 90% of our customers entered LastReviewDate as US format, because 90% of our customers are US and HireDate is required to be entered in US format, but this is only an assumption (we need 100% guarantee to make any such changes).
  • We also have the problem of all the FTP scheduled user imports that over ride any changes that we could do by running any scripts on the database.
  • If our customers want to see LastReviewDate in DD/MM/YYYY format then they need to upload this format in the LastReivewDate column in the user import file. 
  • The best solution would be to change the default type=String -> type=Date.


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