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2230010 - Requesting a Index/Re-index - Recruiting Management


  • What is an index/re-index
  • In what situations should I request an index/re-index
  • How to request an instance index/re-index


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Index creation is only required when the Candidate Profile is first created.

Changes to the candidate profile will rarely require a re-indexing of the search index. Only the following change to the candidate profile template may require a re-index:

  • After an import of new candidates;
  • Changing the field type of a field;

Tip: It is not recommended to change the field type of a field for live customers, as this can cause application errors on existing records storing data that do not match the new field type.

Indexing is not required, in following scenarios:

1. Adding/Removing a standard element in CPT.
2. Adding/Removing a custom element in CPT
3. Adding/Removing a Background element in CPT
4. Modifying data type of fields in CPT (please test multiple field type changes – from text to number, vice versa, date to text, vice versa, etc) -
5. Adding/removing attachment field
6. Adding/removing/changing candidate profile field permissions
7. Adding/removing/changing display options
8. Adding/removing/changing sm-mapping to employee profile
9. Adding/removing/changing instructional header text
10. Adding/removing comments portlet
11. Creating new candidate profile or updating candidate profile on internal and external career sites.

In case of a change in data type for field in CPT, new candidate profiles created thereafter will update the index containing the new data types. For older candidate profiles, data migration will need to be done, after which re-indexing would be required.


How to request a index/re-index:
In order to request a index/re-index, please open a Support incident with the following information:

1) Company ID
2) Data Center
3) Reason for the request

Please be aware that these information are mandatory, if you open an incident without one of these information, Operations team will not proceed with the request. It is also important to mention that for clients under an implementation process, all the required Index/Re-Index requests must be performed by the customer's implementation partner, as they have all the required accesses and trainings to perform this task and would be ready to assist the clients in case anything goes wrong.


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