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2214392 - Users in SAP Jam to have same profile photo as their BizX Employee Profile's photo


Users in SAP Jam to have same profile photo as their BizX Employee Profile's photo.




BizX-Jam Integrated

Reproducing the Issue

Your SAP JAM profile does not show the picture you have in BizX.
You want SAP JAM to take your picture from BizX.

  • NOTE: Only a Jam ADMIN can control this feature for all the users


This will make SAP Jam pull the photo from the Employee Profile in BizX to use as the profile photo.


The 'Allow Users to Upload a Custom Profile Photo' option should be disabled under Features left nav.

1. Go to Jam Admin page.

2. Click on Product Setup in the left Nav

3. Click On the 'Features' option in the left Nav.

4. Make sure the 'Allow Users to Upload a Custom Profile Photo' option must be disabled and 'Show Profile Photos' option must be enabled.

5. After you make this change, please wait for approximately 24 hours for the changes to reflect (only for the initial setup)


  • NOTE:  
  1. Please take into consideration that the daily profile sync is not related to the profile photo sync that is, the expectation that the photo is sync'd within 24h is not correct. When a profile photo is set for a Jam account, it is cached for 2 weeks. After that time, the photo will be requested and should sync. One way to force the profile image in Jam to be refreshed is to update the user's profile photo in Employee Central.
  2. The BizX/EC profile photos will be retrieved if there isn't an existing cache on Jam. The cache is created when one views the user's profile photo (could be anyone, including the user themself). If someone viewed the Jam version of the profile image, it caches that image (for 2 weeks). Then if someone enables photo sync, the photo sync won't happen yet since Jam has the cached copy.
    If there is no other action, the photo will be used up to 2 weeks. If the user goes to EC and changes their profile photo, the real time update will be pushed to Jam, and it will update the cached copy on the Jam side.

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2214392 - Users in SAP JAM to have same profile photo as their BizX Employee Profile's photo


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