2213843 - LMS: How to Disable Learning Plan Buckets from displaying in the UI

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2213843 - LMS: How to Disable Learning Plan Buckets from displaying in the UI


You would like to disable certain buckets in the Learning Plan, in your LMS system.  


SuccessFactors Learning Management System - LMS 
Versions  b1305 and higher

Reproducing the Issue

Access user learning plan configuration file via SYSTEM ADMIN > SYSTEM CONFIGURATION > USER LEARNING PLAN.

Note that some of the timeline.buckets parameters in the configuration file do not include values "enabled=true."



Certain buckets are required.


As outlined in the User Learning Plan configuration file:

# The various buckets could be selected from a predefined set if needed, but the Overdue is required.
# The No due date entry would cover things that do not have a due date.
# Buckets overdue, later, noduedate should not be changed except the label definition

Further in the configuration file, note that there is no parameter to flag the buckets as enabled or disabled for buckets "timeline.buckets.later" and "timeline.buckets.noduedate".  These are required and should not be changed.


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