2213231 - Item rating not accessible by user after b1505 release

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2213231 - Item rating not accessible by user after b1505 release


User (e.g manager or matrix manager ) does not have access to Item Rating when form is accesses via Out of Turn Access for Team Overview


BizX Performance Management

PM v12 Acceleration

Reproducing the Issue

1. After b1505 release, the user does not have access to Item Rating in the Out of Turn Access for Team Overview.

2. A change was noticed in the system behavior for PM v12 A in the Q2 release that impacted the ability for a user (for example, a manager) to provide the rating of record (Item-rating) out of turn when the Out of Turn Access functionality is enabled in the form route map.


1. This change was made as part of a defect fix to a specific use case in which multiple users had access to the Item-rating, resulting in a potential data loss scenario with one user’s inputs being overwritten during the routing process.

2.While the change was made with the best intentions of avoiding a potential data loss scenario, it was recognized from customer feedback that at the same time users were losing a major feature benefit of the PM v12 A experience, namely, the ability for users with access to the rating of record to provide ratings prior to the form reaching their inbox.


1. The issue has been resolved as a part of the Production patch which was scheduled over the weekend of June 21st .

2.The behavior of PM v12 acceleration prior to b1505 has been restored.

3.For partners and Support Delivery:

a. Please use rating-opt=0,1,2 to see the ratings for EX as default rating-opt=3 do not show ratin for EX or any other user except E and EM

 After the fix:

a. EM's rating given via OOTA will override the E's rating.

b.Expectation: OOTA rating will always override the previous step's in progress rating. It will be applicable for item-rating/summary rating/ perf-pot rating/ ococ rating.

c.Limitation: if there are two steps configured with same role (suppose EM1 and EM2 step configured with same EM role), then following would be the behavior:
if OOTA is configured for EM2 step, and EM does not have item-rating (applicable for all the sections) permission in EM2, then ratings might not be correct while routing form to EM2 step. Please avoid this configuration.
We are working to put this as warning either in the tool or in config guide.


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