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2212262 - Recruiting - Candidate Search by Name Logic


When conducting a search via “Candidate Search by Name”, the results are different depending on the order candidate's name / surname is entered.


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Reproducing the Issue

  1. Log into SuccessFactorz BizX;
  2. Go to Recruiting;
  3. Candidates;
  4. "Candidate Search by Name";
  5. Start your search with Candidate's Name + Surname.
  6. Verify results.


he search is following the normal search engine logic (all search engines have the same logic). Search engines automatically use the boolean operator "AND" when searching. So whenever you type in more than one keyword, the search engine will automatically connect them with the AND operator.

Per example, let’s consider an instance has the following candidates on their database:
Candidate 1 – Test Support
First Name: Test
Last Name: Support

Candidate 2:
First Name: Test
Middle Name: SAP
Last Name: Support

If  an user types “Test” (candidate’s first name) and then starts to type “Support” (candidate’s last name), the search engine sees it as Test AND Support.  This would return only the Candidate 1.

This removes the ability to see anything that does not match exactly "Test Support", per example “Test SAP Support”.
However if you start typing "Support" and then "Test" you will see all results that include both the last name "Support" and the first name "Test". In this case, both candidates would be returned.

The reason that this is different is due to the way that data record separates the persons name. The search is looking for the field "Support" first and then "Test" second and the middle name is actually considered the third field in this case. In the first case the search is still looking for "Support" first and "Teste" second but since the search engine uses AND it limits the search to only those entries that exactly match "Test Support".
The middle name is an optional field so it is not part of a primary search.


The recommendation should always be to starting your Search with candidate's last name to provide the most accurate search results.

See Also

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