2175998 - Ratings - Enable Scale Adjusted Rating and How These Work - scale-adjusted-map - Performance Management

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2175998 - Ratings - Enable Scale Adjusted Rating and How These Work - scale-adjusted-map - Performance Management


What is a Scale Adjusted Rating?

What is scale-adjusted-map?

How do we force calculated ratings to a scale we can define?


  • Performance Management
  • PM v12A
  • PM v11


scale-adjusted-map is the techinical xml tag used to define a custom scale. <scale-adjusted-calculation enable="true"> These are commonly used when you want to force calculated ratings to a specific rating. For example, anyone getting 4.6 is to be automatically adjusted to a 5. Or you want anyone who gets between 4 and 4.9 to automatically get a 5. 

When using an adjusted scale the values will be changed based on the values set in your template. You can set these via Admin Tools > Manage Templates > Select Template > General Settings > Enable Scale Adjusted Rating.

Then set values for
Score Min Value
Score Max Value:
Map to Score:
Map to Description:

Be sure not to create any "holes" in your mapping logic. For example, if you only define your scale to 1 decimal place some calculated ratings might not fall into your scale.

For example you have values ser from 1.1 to 1.2 then 1.3 to 1.4. Someone getting 1.25 falls into a hole and would not be adjusted in this example. 


Scores are not mapping to expected values

Your Performance Management form uses an adjusted rating scale which maps to the overall performance rating score. The calculation on the performance management form is not mapping to the correct value in your adjusted scale value, even though it’s calculated correctly. How can I fix it the form rating calculation?

  • The attribute ‘<num-decimal-places>’ may need to be increased to handle better decimal precision. For example, is num-decimal-places is set to 1, rounding will only show one decimal place.
    Example we have a map
    • 3 - 3.33 mapped to 4.
    • 3.34 - 4 mapped to 4.5
    If you have decimal precision set to 1 decimal place then the system only sees 3.3
    Anyone that gets a 3.34 will be seen as only getting 3.3 and get a 4 when you expect to get a 4.5
  • Changing decimal precision from <num-decimal-places>1 to <num-decimal-places>2 or greater will enable the system to handle your scores as expected.


Does the Org Chart Respect the scale-map for a rating from a Performance Form?

  • No. The Org chart currently does not respect a scale-map so a score that is elsewhere shown as 3.4 may be rounded up to a 4, or down to a 3 when viewed in the org chart.
  • There is no workaround at this time and clients should be informed this is the current behavior and therefore understand this when viewing scores in an org chart.


 NOTE: Adjusted rating in objcomp-summary-sect and perfpot-summary-sect is not supported (PMU-818)


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