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2171592 - What's the process to set up REPORT_DEVELOPER Role and VJDBC Setup to enable the use of Plateau Report Designer?


This KBA covers how to connect to data via the Plateau Report Designer (PRD)


  • SuccessFactors Learning Management System (LMS) - All Supported Versions
  • Plateau Report Designer (PRD)


  • In order to create reports using the Plateau Report Designer (PRD) Read Only access to the database is needed
  • To connect to the data source via Plateau Report Designer, the VJDBC connection (Virtual Java Database Connection) needs to be deployed
  • The output of the VJDBC connection in LMS UI is an admin role called REPORT_DEVELOPER deployed by SuccessFactors during the VJDBC connection set up process
  • This role REPORT_DEVELOPER can be requested by creating a Customer support Incident with the Success factors LOD-SF-LMS-PRD component. Don't forget to provide the LMS STAGE URL
  • This role is different from the roles created through the LMS UI since it requires certain database connections open for it which can only be completed by SuccessFactors


Important Notes:

  • Only one VJDBC connection per customer will be deployed
  • This connection is only deployed for non-production instances to mitigate negative impact to Production Performance

To request the VJDBC connection set up:

  1. Open a support incident with SAP Cloud Product Support and include the following detail:
    • Environment the request is for (non-production such as test or stage)
    • Timeframe needed by (please note the request may take 1-2 weeks to complete)
    • Reference this KBA
  2. Once the VJDBC connection is set up, the REPORT_DEVELOPER role is added to your SuccessFactors Learning staging environment
    • Important:  Before accessing the data source, the REPORT_DEVELOPER role must be assigned to the admin account
    • Please review the "Setting up a Plateau Report Designer Account" User Assistance Documentation on assigning the REPORT_DEVELOPER role
  3. After opening the Plateau Report Designer, navigate by File>New>New Report, click on Finish button to create a new report workspace, then you can click on the Data menu>New Data Source
    • PRD.png
  4.  After selecting the 'JDBC Data Source', use parameters similar to below to build the data source connection:
    • Review Downloading Learning Report Designer Documentation for accessing the PRD
    • Driver Class:  de.simplicit.vjdbc.VirtualDriverBirtWrapper (v1.6)
    • Database URL: jdbc:vjdbc:servlet:,db10g (replace CUSTOMERNAME with your instance information)
    • User Name:  an active Staging Admin ID with REPORT_DEVELOPER role.
    • Password:  the respective admin native password


  5. Click "Test Connection" to ensure connection is working

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