2163307 - LMS: How to create documents inside LMS and link them to items

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2163307 - LMS: How to create documents inside LMS and link them to items


How can an admin create a document entity inside LMS and attach it to an item?


SuccessFactors Learning Management System (LMS)


There is no location to upload a document. The only screen available to add/edit/delete documents is: Content->Documents


Creating a content object and adding it to an item as Online Object:

  1. Go to Content->Tools->Import content;
  2. Browse and upload content;
  3. Go to the Item's Online Content tab;
  4. Add the Content Object.

Create a document in LMS and attach it to an item:

  1. Go to Content->Documents->Add New
  2. Go to the Item;
  3. Go to More in the Related tile;
  4. Access the Documents tab;
  5. Add the Document ID;
  6. Click in Add.

As a user you will see this document link in the item details page. Select the paper clip and select the Document Title to download.

As a guidance to the fields when creating a new document you can read the definitions below:

Title: This is the label that will be displayed in the item
Active: When you make a record inactive, the system does not include that record in any searches or reports by default; however, some searches and reports allow you to override the default so that you can include inactive records. You might make a record inactive (rather than delete it) if you no longer want to use it but keep it for a historical record. Because you cannot restore a deleted record, we recommend that you delete a record only when you make a mistake in some way (for example, if the record ID is simply incorrect).
Document Type: You can associate a document with a document type which are created in References > Learning > Document Types (for example, an operations guide, user manual, or text book)
Domain: You can associate a record with an access domain to control the administrators who can access the record. What an administrator can access and do for a record depends on how you configured the entity, function, and workflow domain restrictions of the role ID that is associated with the administrator.
Source: The origin or requiring authority of the document
Author: The name of the document's original author or the group responsible for the document.
File Path: The link to where the document is located and will be loaded. (If the document was uploaded via the Import Content tool, you can find the URL on the content object itself on the Launch Method tab). This is limited to 512 characters.
Revision Number: The current revision number of this document, which you edit by typing directly into the field. When you save a new revision number in the Revision Number field, the Needs Review status in the Items tab, Curricula tab, and Tasks tab is changed from No to Yes.
Revision Date: The date of the current revision.
Reviser: The name of the person or group responsible for the current revision of the document.
Approver: The name of the person or group responsible for approving revisions to the document.
Comments: We recommend that you use the Comments box to identify the purpose or intent of the record. You can also include any information that you think other administrators might need or find useful for understanding the record and how to use it. For example, if you're working with a user record and the user is on extended leave, you can note the reason for the leave and the date you expect the user to return. Likewise, if you're working with an item or scheduled offering record, you can note why you created or modified the record. All comments are intended for administrators only and cannot be viewed in the user interface.

Title: RyanDoc
Active: Check
Document  Type: Configuration Guide
Domain: PUBLIC
Source: <blank>
Author: <blank>
File Path: /icontent/CUSTOM/sf_support/Ryan/b1405_Learning_Config_Guide.docx
Revision Number: <blank>
Revision Date: <blank>
Reviser: <blank>
Approver: <blank>
Comments: Ryan's Test


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