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2161955 - How to Create Advanced Report


I need a report that should have particular fields.


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Creating Advanced Reports

  •  Using “Advanced Report” tab you can build more sophisticated reports based on any field in the database.
  • You can also save your report as a template and use the template to build other, similar types of reports in future.


  1. Click on Reports tab / Advanced Reports
  2. Click Create icon




Set Report Parameters

  1. Give your Report a name
  2. If you want to use the already created template, check mark “Based on Template” (if you don't want to use template, you can create the report from scrach).
    1. If you use already exsisting template, we will have the fields already selected and conditions already set for us
  3. Choose the report template
  4. Click Next




Set Report Field

  1. If you choose the template then you will have some field which was saved from that template
  2. You can add more fields by clicking “…” near the “New Field”
  3. Now a pop up window opens where you can choose the new fields by typing the partial name of the data key
  4. Choose the new field from the list
  5. Click Select. The name of the new field appears in the New field window
  6. Click “Add field”. The new added field will appear in the top window
  7. Click Next





Set Report Filter

  1. Choose the Process and Date type
  2. Choose the condition field by clicking “…” next to Select field
  3. Click Add. The condition will appear in the window below
  4. Click Next





Save  Report

  1. If you want to save the template, type in a name of the template and click save
  2. Click Finish


  1. Report will be generated in the Advanced Report tab. You can open the report after 100%



  1. Once the report is created , you can export to excel for viewing
  2. You can reuse the template and generate the report next time.


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