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2161955 - How To - Create an Advanced Reports - Onboarding [Imports & Exports]


This article provides detailed instruction on how to create and run an advanced reports in Onboarding.


SAP SuccessFactors Onboarding


To create and export a detailed report of activities, administrators have the funcitonality to do it in the front-end. Please follow the steps below on how to create an advanced report.

  1. In [ SAP SuccessFactors HCM > Onboarding > Reports > Advanced Reports ]
  2. Under Advanced Reports, kindly click 'Create' button.

    KBA2161955_0000_ 08212018_050915.png

  3. Set the Report Parameters.

    a. Report Name - Title of the Report
    b. Report Scope - (i.) Select Private for visible to user who generated the report and (ii.) Select Public if all users who have access to Advanced Reports to see the generated data
    c. Based on Template - Tick the checkbox if you would like to run a report with already selected keys.
    d. Report Template - The dropdown will show if 'Based on Template is Selected, choose the available template as foundation of the report file.

    Select Next once the parameters are set

    KBA2161955_0002_ 08212018_050935.png
  1. Set Report Fields.

    a. To select new fields/keys, click the three dotted line (...) button; it will show a window form to select fields

    KBA2161955_0005_ 08212018_051012.png

    b. Select the key to include in the report fields. Click Select button once key is identified to be part of the report (Once it is highlighted it is selected)


    There is no option to select multiple keys.

    KBA2161955_0006_ 08212018_051036.png

    c. Once the keys are added in the selected fields section, the sequence can be changed by selecting the key and clicking the button Moving Up/Down
    d. It is also possible to delete the fields one by one or all
    e. Click Next once complete

    KBA2161955_0008_ 08212018_051100.png
  1. Set Report Filter.
  • a. Filter step have different fields, see below for more information
    • Process - Select the Process where the data is coming from
    • Data Type - Select the type of data where the To and From will generate
    • Select Field - Identify and select the fields to use to filter down the data
    • Operator and Condition Value - To narrow down the data generated, complete the logic and value; select add when finish
    • Edit & Delete Button - Administrator can delete or edit already created filter logic

  •  b. Once complete setting the filter, click Next button

  • KBA2161955_0012_ 08212018_051149.png
  1. Save Report as Template.

    Administrator can either use the current report as a template by saving it. 

    Click the 'x' button to close the window.

    KBA2161955_0013_ 08212018_051215.png

  2. Wait for the progress to turn 100%, once it finishes click the report and download by clicking 'To Excel' button.

    KBA2161955_0016_ 08212018_051244.png


  • Advanced Reports cannot be scheduled and will not run automatically.
  • If there is a key/field missing, please reach-out to Product Support.
  • The header row label uses the key as title of each column, see KBA 2423857


  • SAP SuccessFactors Cloud Product Support does not create Advanced Reports, please use this articel to know how to create the report.

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