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2160734 - Forward Propagation of Job Information Data


When a new record is inserted into Job Information, through either the History page or Take Action (MSS UI), the existing values of fields are automatically updated for records that have Effective Start Dates after the Start Date of the New record.


Employee Central 2.0

Reproducing the Issue

Let’s consider the employee Test Propagation for an example. It has two records, one with effective date 03/03/2013 and the other one with effective date 04/04/2014 as shown below.


Please note values of the fields Supervisor, Job Classification, Job Title and FTE for these two records. 

Record with effective date 03/03/2013: Record with effective date 04/04/2014:
FP3.jpg FP4.jpg


Please note that the Supervisor field has a different value and all other marked fields have same values. Now let’s add a new record through Job Information > History --> Insert New Record, and set the Effective Start Date to 01/01/2014. In this new record we change the Supervisor, Job Classification, Job Title and FTE values :


When saving the new record the system will perform a check and determine whether values in the records that start after the one we inserted, need updating. This is to ensure there is some consistency with the data correction being inserted, and ensuring the rest of the employees data structure is kept consistent.

In this scenario, as the record we inserted made changes to values where the exact same previous value was present in the next record up the history, the system will also replace the value in the next record up the history, to ensure the data is kept consistent. If we now check the record for our text example, dated 04/04/2014, we’ll see that the values for Job Classification, Job Title and FTE have changed, but the value for Supervisor has not changed.



This happens due to the standard Employee Central feature "Automatic Forward Propagation of Job Information data".

Another way to look at this behaviour would be using the following table, which depicts how the Propagation works, and how the system determines what to propagate and what not to propagate -:

Forward Propagation.jpg


Expected Behaviour

In the given example, changes to Job Classification, Job Title and FTE are automatically Forward Propagated to the record dated 04/04/2014 because the values for the fields Job Classification, Job Title and FTE changed because in both the records they had the same values. But, the value for Supervisor did not change as the values for this field in the records 03/03/2013 and 04/04/2014 were different from the beginning.


  • Forward Propagation is currently available for Job Information only (it is not designed to work for other elements such as Personal Info)
  • This feature cannot be turned off for the Job Info UI's as it has been hard-coded.
  • It works only when we Insert a new Job Information record through either Job History or Take Action (MSS UI).
  • This does not happen when we update records through Job History > "Make Correction" nor when a record is Deleted via Job History.
  • This feature does work on import
  • b1608 - All records that are updated by the Forward Propagation logic now also have their "Last updated by" timestamp information updated to reflect that a change has been made to the record. Prior to b1608 the "Last modified by" timestamp did not get updated
  • b1608 - Compensation Information will support Forward Propagation - see KBA 2345839

To enable this feature for Job Information Imports (and API upserts) please navigate to Admin Center > Compay System & Logo Settings > “Enable Forward Propagation of Job Information Data for Inserts in Incremental Imports”



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