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2160411 - How to add Alternate Supervisors in LMS


This KBA covers how to setup Alternate Supervisors in the Learning Management System (LMS).


SuccessFactors Learning Management System (LMS)


Learning Administrator:

  1. Logon to LMS Admin;
  2. Navigate to System Admin->Users;
  3. Find the User that will have an Alternate Supervisor Added;
  4. Open the User record;
  5. On the right side, click "Manage Alternate Supervisor" link in the Actions section;


  6. Search for the User to be added as an Alternate Supervisor;
  7. Once the User is selected, he/she is added as the User's Alternate Supervisor;


  8. Click "Save" to save the changes.

Supervisor User:

Primary Supervisors are also able to add Alternate Supervisors to their Direct Reports if their role allows it:

  1. Users that are Supervisors of other Users will have a "My Employees" tab on their Learning landing page;
  2. Logon as a Supervisor;
  3. Go to the "My Employees" tab at the top of the Learning home page;
  4. Click the 3 vertical dot menu next to the User that will have the alternate supervisor assigned;
  5. Click "Manage Alternate Supervisor";


  6. Search for the alternate supervisor user and click "Select";
  7. Click "Save" to save the changes.


Connector also creates alternate supervisors in LMS.

Note that the connector does not replace any alternate supervisor when using ALT_SUPER1, ALT_SUPER2 or ALT_SUPER3 fields, the LMS supports unlimited alternate supervisors.  Up to three alternate supervisors are supported per connector run per user.

Alternate supervisor will not be added if:

  • · If the alternate supervisor matches the User ID in the same row.
  • · The alternate supervisor (user) does not already exist in SuccessFactors.
  • · There is no primary supervisor.
  • · Alternate supervisor is same as primary supervisor.
  • · It creates a circular reference (User cannot be their own alternate supervisor’s alternate supervisor).

Note:  Nullifying an alternate supervisor field will not remove any alternate supervisor from the user’s record.

Default SF field mapping to LMS:

  • HR => HRBP (This is an alternate supervisor type that represents the HRBP.);
  • Manager = > MANAGER.

No SF Mapping:


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